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Discover everything about the Citrine crystal – Blog

Considered the stone of prosperity par excellence, the citrus It is one of the most exuberant crystals there is. Much of this is due to its coloring, which refers to the other. It is widely used in jewelry making and can provide success to those who own or carry it. Discover now everything about this crystal, its meaning, main uses and how to conserve its energy.

Uncover the meaning of Citrine

The word Citrine derives from the Greek and means “lemon stone”. The name can be explained by its yellowish color, which is very reminiscent of gold. Hence also its power to attract success.

It has been used since antiquity. In the beginning, it was believed that this stone would be the most efficient to attract fame, prosperity and riches. The energy that emanates from this stone also has revitalizing properties, like most mystical stones.

Understanding the power of Citrine

This is one of the stones that, in addition to having powers that help the human being, also help to energize other stones. Therefore, keeping Citrine close to other mystical items helps in the energizing process.
Historically known as the stone of prosperity, this crystal also has the power to invigorate and detoxify the body.

Discover the influence of Citrine stone on signs and professions

The sign that benefits most from the Citrine stone’s powers and properties is Libra. However, other signs such as Gemini, Virgo and Leo are affected by the stone, to a lesser extent. For the other signs, this crystal can produce positive effects, but always limited.

With regard to professions, those that most relate to the characteristics of this stone are salespeople, therapists and communicators. That is, people who are incessantly seeking success in their careers.

In the case of therapists, the indication is due to the vital energy, which they know how to work very well.

The properties of Citrine stone

Citrine has great energetic force, helping to stimulate energy, strength and regeneration of living beings that use it. At the same time, the energy present in this stone works as a barrier, preventing negative forces from reaching the user.

Allied to these properties, Citrine also provides happiness and a greater sense of generosity, which helps people achieve great results in their lives.

Understanding the typical use of Citrine crystal

It can be used for various purposes, such as amplifying and energizing other stones and crystals. It also works as a receiver and transmitter of energy, especially that coming from the sun.

Applied to the world of business and commerce, always accompanying the wearer, this stone helps in success. In this way, it attracts prosperity.

On the market, Citrine stone is used to make jewelry and other personal items. It can be easily carried in bags and pockets.

How to Use Citrine Crystal in Meditation

Being a stone of prosperity, it helps the wearer to succeed in their journey.

Technical features:

Incidence – Crystals of good color and purity are rare, but still possible to find
Toughness – Level 7 on the Mohs scale
Occurrence – Brazil (mainly in Minas Gerais) and other countries
Chemical composition – SIO2 (Silicon Oxide)
Fluorescence – Weak
Colors – Yellow, Light Orange and Dark Orange (Champagne)
Crystal System – Hexagonal (trigonal), prisms most often

Therapeutic effects: The main therapeutic effects of Citrine are associated with its energetic power. It acts in the revitalization of the body, mainly in the digestive system. The sun’s energy is its main element.

Effects on the emotional and the mind: The energy of the sun present in this stone helps those who are in a state of exhaustion, physical or mental. In the emotional part, it guarantees greater joy and life energy, helping to break with existing fears.

Chakra Effects: Purifies the Chakra, especially the heart, solar plexus and coronal chakras.

Learn how to clean and energize the stone

One of the great advantages provided by Citrine is that it always has a good amount of energy. That’s because it comes from the sun. To keep this stone always clean, passing it under running water is enough to preserve its characteristics and properties.

This is the most important information about Citrine, the crystal of prosperity. In addition to its natural beauty, with a color that very well resembles gold, this stone has great energy power, extracted from the great sun. To succeed in the journey of life, this stone can be a great ally.

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