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Discover 15 power phrases to gain autonomy and confidence👩

power phrases they may seem at first to be just sound bites, merely repeated.

But, I’m here today to demystify that common sense. Then the word is a weapon! And knowing the effect of power phrases on your day to day, you will notice incredible changes in your life.

The importance of power phrases in our life

You know that feeling that we’ve all been past saying something with full conviction? So, this same security allows us to conquer and access new things in our and life, and that are around us, we just don’t see.

In the routine with so many responsibilities and tasks we always find ourselves repeating the same things. Whether at work, at home or with family.

As much as they are essential tasks that are part of life, our subconscious takes us on “auto pilot”. Where we do only what is necessary to end the day and go to rest.

But this is where the problem in our life begins!

At that moment, we fell into the famous “sameness” of days, and we did not enjoy our potential.

This potential, which leads us to evolve as people and awaken to new skills. Above all, power phrases are that set of words that make us move, and most importantly: motivate us to explore our full potential, towards overcoming problems and personal achievements.

So, stick around and check out phrases that will empower you and help you “turn the key” in your mind.

Power phrases for status

Having status can be linked to material possessions and popularity, but not so much.

Often having status means you are successful, and success may very well be tied to how accomplished you are with:

  • marriage/dating;
  • upbringing and relationship with children;
  • recognition at work;
  • fullness;
  • spiritual well-being.

These are indications of your status, but then how about reciting some power phrases for status?

Repeat the powerful phrases to yourself

Start with:

“Appreciate time in your own time, because time one day ends and what remains is the memory of who I was”

“My words are my responsibility, don’t confuse what I said with what you interpreted”

“It’s easy to judge me by what I have, I want to see what I do”

“I value what I have and what I have built, because who I am cost dearly and I alone paid the price”

“I will walk with those who appreciate my steps forward, because envy always seeks shortcuts around the sides and ends up going backwards”

“I don’t belong to anything I don’t want, because it’s in my choice that the worthiness of those who want me reside”

Part of our autonomy comes when we repeat phrases like these, which apply to many areas of our lives. However, when it comes to work, we cannot always rely only on inspiring phrases. It takes a bit of patience.

And if you have problems at work and would like to change professional airs, consult one of our esoteric work specialists, and find out what your next step should be.

Phrases to feel powerful

Feeling empowered is the big key to well-being and acceptance. Because it is in empowerment that we feel more confident to go after our goals, and also overcome our problems.

Repeat with conviction the following:

“I can! For only God knows the power of my will and my thirst for desire.”

“I have in my hands the power to change my reality, with my reason, my choices and my rules. I don’t want and I don’t need anyone who can’t understand this.”

“Whoever fights for a floor cloth never walks the red carpet”

“I dream big! After all, I didn’t put on my heels for nothing.”

“Life chose me for the hardest, okay. Every pearl was once a grain of sand.”

These phrases may even have a comical tone, but keep in mind, they are phrases to feel powerful. And it’s not just any mockery that will take away its shine.

Be that demigod amazon, and don’t settle for less than you deserve!

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Check out the video below:

mind power quotes

Our mind plays tricks all the time:

  • self sabotage;
  • imposter syndrome;
  • insecurity.

These are just some of the imaginary brakes that prevent us from exploring our full potential.

However, the pursuit of safety and excellence in our accomplishments cannot be limited. For it is with the power of the mind that we discover what we can really do.

However, if you want to know how to start the day right with positive and powerful phrases, follow:

Power phrases that enhance self-love

“I woke up, I’m alive and well, there’s nothing I can’t do. I feel everything around me, including pity, for anyone who gets in my way.”

“I needed someone strong, decisive and secure to walk by my side. But then, the mirror was enough for me.”

“I don’t want and shouldn’t underestimate myself, I’m not cruel to myself, so I don’t allow anyone to be”

“Who sleeps with wolves is not afraid to run with them, and why are you afraid?”

“The world waits for me, because yesterday it made me bleed. Today I came from lipstick…crimson red”

Make these mind power phrases your victory mantra, and with each passing day, practice these words that will bring you positivity and security. To always be the queen of your castle.

It’s all in there, scream! Put the world at your feet.

And if you liked all our power phrases, know that they are powerful thanks to the power of oratory, and the safe conjunction that exists in our mind. And to get to know the roots better and what makes you dominant, get to know our free life course.

With it you will have self-knowledge, which ranges from your family tree to your cosmic presence.

See you next time, until then!

With Knowledge Comes Wisdom

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