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Descendant in Libra | Discover the qualities of your ideal partner

For years Claudio Zoli has asked himself “Does my sign have anything to do with yours?” The doubt of the song “Noite do Prazer” plagues many people when they start to fall in love with someone. However, the answer to this question is not just in each individual’s Sun sign. In fact, it has more to do with the descending sign!

Descendant sign? What is it? Little known, the descendant sign is the one that is in the 7th house of our Astrology chart. The 7th house represents the way in relationships with others and is also the house of marriage!

Our complete profile cannot be represented by just one sign. In fact, we are a set of signs. It’s true alchemy. That’s why sometimes we like a person of one sign and hate another person of the same sign.

In a meeting between two people, the first and strongest impact of attraction is the relationship between the ascending and descending signs.

O ascending it is the sign that rose on the horizon when we were born, and it says a lot about the view that others have of us. The descendant is the complementary opposite sign that descended on the horizon, at that time, and reveals our vision of the other and what we expect from him.

Therefore, we are attracted to the sign opposite to our ascendant. And we ended up attracting people with the same ascendant as our descendent.
For example, if you have the ascendant in Aries, you will be strongly attracted to people with the sign of Libra or ascendant in Libra (sign of your descendant).

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It’s like physics and the theory that opposites attract. In Astrology this maxim is also valid! These opposite signs are usually made for each other, as they complement each other in different areas of life. Right from the start we already feel an empathy and a special connection with opposites.

Interested in better understanding how the descendant sign works? Look here. And if you have a descendant in Libra, we will show you the profile of the person you are attracted to.

Descendant in Libra

Those who have the descendant in Libra tend to like romantic people. You have the need to have a harmonious relationship, without fights, without jealousy and without stress.

You probably wouldn’t be able to live in a relationship that is different every hour. And I wouldn’t even accept a rude, bipolar person as a couple, who thinks something different every hour. People who talk loudly and swear are not among your favorite people either.

You look for creative people who have an artistic side.

The image you convey to others is of a very demanding and arbitrary person. That’s why you need a nice and calm spouse.

It is common for you not to put much effort into relationships unless you Venus and Mars are in good shape for each other.

You are sentimental and artistic, despite your somewhat demanding personality, and you need to find someone who will accept you for who you are.

What you want is a good-looking, tactful partner that you can be proud of. Very focused on social issues, the professions that suit you a lot are that of referee or social leader.

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Relationship between Aries Ascendant and Libra Descendant

If your descendant is Libra, it means you have Ascendant in Aries. Yes my friend, that’s why you need someone who balances your unbridled autonomy with a little consideration for others.

You convey self-confidence, determination and assertiveness (Aries) and look for someone who will show you how to develop your capacity for objective cooperation (Libra).

However, there are great chances that you will make a mistake in choosing your partner, as you will choose someone who will help you in your self-affirmation and audacity. If you don’t control your pride, it may not allow you to choose someone who helps you contain yourself in order to keep the peace in the relationship.

There are chances that you run away from your true ideal partner who are people with the sign of Libra or with Libra ascendant because you don’t want to adapt to the other’s demands.

Only after you are able to find your own power and release the courage to be who you really are will you lower guard and learn to regulate, adjust, and dispose of your nature to your needs.

It is at this time that you will be open to a partner with the Libra qualities of grace, foresight and consideration.

Now that you know everything about your descendant sign, better understand its characteristics by seeing what your zodiac says. Ascendant in Aries.

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