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Dermatologist explains how to use and what are the benefits of exfoliating soap

The use of exfoliating soap is essential to keep the skin beautiful, clean and renewed. But why is this care so important? To better understand the benefits and clear all doubts about the cosmetic, we talked to Dermatologist Aline Borba (CRM 23022 | SBD | RQE 14247), a specialist in enhancing beauty naturally. Check out:

After all, what is exfoliating soap?

Exfoliating soap is a bar or liquid soap that has particles inside. These particles will promote skin exfoliation in the applied area. According to Aline, one of the functions is to promote a deeper cleaning of the skin, removing dead cells and existing residues. Among other benefits, we can mention:

  • Cell renewal: by removing dead cells, the exfoliating soap renews the cells of the surface layer of the skin.
  • More uniform and hydrated appearance: helps to remove some stains and leaves the skin smoother.
  • Reduction of the formation of blackheads: a clean and renewed skin is the biggest enemy of blackheads, which are nothing more than clogged pores.
  • Prevents ingrown hairs: clean pores facilitate the removal of hairs, preventing ingrown hairs.
  • Improves absorption of past actives: after exfoliation, your skin is ready and ready to receive a moisturizer.
  • It brings a feeling of relaxation and self-care: nothing better than healthy, hydrated and well-cared for skin, right?

The benefits promoted by the use of exfoliating soap are incredible. In addition, maintaining a beauty routine and skincare (skin care), it makes us always have healthy skin with a more youthful appearance, also improving self-esteem.

Exfoliating soap for face X for body

It is important to note that exfoliating soap for the face is not the same soap used on the body, and vice versa. “Body products have coarser particles and can be aggressive if used on the face”, explains the dermatologist. Keeping this distinction ensures that the skin is always treated with the appropriate products for each region.

The best exfoliating soaps

In order to help you choose your ideal product, we researched the best and most used exfoliating soaps by bloggers in Brazil. Check out our list of directions:

1. Avon ClearSkin Facial Exfoliating Soap – $

A great value for money exfoliating facial soap. Its oil-free formula helps eliminate excessive shine and deeply cleanse pores, leaving skin smooth and healthy.

“The skin feels extremely clean, it is really soft and oil-free.” – Tamirys Barros

2. Hydraderm Passion Fruit Exfoliating Soap – $

Easily found in pharmacies, the exfoliator guarantees a deep cleaning, whether for the face or body. In addition to helping to remove blackheads, its natural microspheres renew cells and prevent new formation.

“The exfoliating spheres are super light and do not harm the body or face, in addition they are biodegradable and you can safely use them in the shower or in the sink, as they will not pollute the environment.” – Camila Goulart

3. Pleasant Facial Exfoliating Soap – $

Soft skin with a feeling of freshness. It has Jojoba and Rice microspheres that clean the skin and remove impurities and excess oil, without drying the skin.

“The product also fulfills in relation to removing excess oil, the skin is very dry and soft, in addition to leaving a slight feeling of refreshment on the face.” – Sil’s Charms

4. Quitanda Beauty Hits Peach Facial Exfoliating Soap – $$

To clean and stimulate cell renewal leaving a soft peach scent. The soap has nourishing properties in its formula (such as seaweed extract and peach extract) that leave the skin soft and healthy.

“I used the product on several occasions and it left my skin very soft, allowing a good exfoliation without harming the skin” – Patricia Faria

5. Needs Facial Exfoliating Soap – $$

Darling of many women and easy to find, the Needs facial exfoliating soap ensures deep cleaning resulting in soft and revitalized skin.

“It is suitable for all skin types, ensures deep cleaning, revitalizes the skin, removing dead cells and other impurities, in addition to bringing softness.” – Talita Messiah

6. Instance Eudora Vanilla Body Exfoliating Soap – $$

With natural vanilla extract, the exfoliating soap is perfect for those who love the slightly sweet fragrance. The granules are also natural, coming from the coconut shell.

“Would you buy again? Certainly, mainly because of its profitability, fragrance and quality” – Juliana de Souza

7. Tracta Facial Exfoliating Soap – $$

It regulates the oiliness of the skin, being ideal for those who want to get rid of blackheads and pimples and not recommended for sensitive skin. Its formula guarantees a deep cleaning, with a sensation of comfort and freshness.

“I can feel, right after use, a difference in the texture of the skin and an improvement in the blackheads on my nose (which are the most evident on me).” – Aline Ramos

8. Passion Fruit Natura Ekos Body Exfoliating Soap – $$$

A gentle exfoliating soap with a delicious smell. With granules and oils from the fruit itself (passion fruit), it has a high concentration of essential fatty acids that help to hydrate and soothe the skin.

“In Ekos Passion Fruit Exfoliating Soap, the grains come from the seeds of the fruit, so it makes a light exfoliation without harming the skin, being ideal for regenerating the epithelial tissue and removing some ingrown hairs.” – Renata Fernandes

9. Neutrogena Purified Skin Exfoliating Soap – $$$

A gentle exfoliating soap that preserves the skin’s natural barrier, ideal for combination and oily skin. Its larger and less concentrated granules allow exfoliation to be done gently.

“What I like the most is that even though it promotes a gentle exfoliation, it leaves a delicious feeling of freshness on the skin. I love it!!!!” – Claudia Stoco

10. Body Exfoliating Soap Take Care Good Night O Boticário – $$$

With soothing properties and 100% vegan, the exfoliating body soap from the Cuide-se Bem Boa Noite line is ideal for starting your nighttime personal care routine. It guarantees a gentle exfoliation and can be used daily during the bath.

“First stage of the ritual for a good night’s sleep, the soap exfoliates and renews the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and ready for hydration.” – Thais Marques

Important tip: when buying exfoliating soap, don’t forget to check if the one you’ve chosen is suitable for your skin type. Some products can be used in a general way, but most are very specific about it.

How to use exfoliating soap

The way you use the exfoliating soap makes all the difference. In addition to extracting the best that your product can offer, handling it correctly also ensures that the benefits of exfoliation are, in fact, effective. Dermatologist Aline explained how to apply:

  • Apply the exfoliating soap with your hands (not with loofahs), and directly on damp skin;
  • The ideal is that the exfoliation is done for 1 minute;
  • Make circular and smooth movements to improve the action;
  • Rinse with water that is not too hot so as not to dry the skin;
  • dry. Finally, apply a moisturizer after using the exfoliating soap to improve results.

Leaving your skin beautiful and well cared for is easier than it looks. Make these skincare minutes your own! Focus on the exfoliation movements, feel each granule in contact with your skin and connect with yourself.

4 important tips to not go wrong with exfoliation

And for you to know even more about how to use the exfoliating soap, the dermatologist left some golden tips to make the perfect exfoliation. Look that:

  • The frequency of use depends on the purpose and area to be treated, but in general, once a week is ideal.
  • On feet, elbows and knees can be used up to 2 times a week.
  • Already on sensitive and more dry skin it is interesting to use every 2 weeks.
  • Give preference to exfoliating soaps that have natural particles in their composition, such as crushed seeds or peels, as they are less harmful to the environment.

When we take time to take care of ourselves, we are also taking care of our health and well being. Bringing exfoliating soap into your routine can be a big step towards loving yourself even more. And if you have doubts about your skin, enjoy and also check out how to identify skin types. Then just find your favorite exfoliating soap and start your care and self-care routine.

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