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Deep skin cleansing: the best products and advice

Is there anything better than running your hand over your face and feeling it glide smoothly over your skin? Or that feeling of freshness and cleanliness that only deep cleaning products give? Thoroughly and thoroughly cleaning the skin is important and is a beauty care step that should not be avoided.

But the question remains: what is the right product for deep cleaning? Today, the beauty market offers numerous types of products for this purpose, such as lotions, gels, cleansing wipes, scrubs, masks and even electrical appliances that promise to exfoliate and cleanse the skin.

Knowing this, it becomes even more difficult to choose. In addition to this factor, it is important to remember that each skin type needs to receive a type of product and that the frequency of cleaning also changes a little from person to person.

Therefore, it is important to make an appointment with your dermatologist to check which type of product is the most suitable for your skin and only then choose your preferred brand and line.

Bloggers’ favorite skin care products

Three beauty bloggers interviewed by Dicas de Mulher told which skin cleansing products they use, check them out below:

Cinthya Rachel (Insane Thoughts Blog: Blogger Cinthya recommends Clinique’s 3-step system. The first step is the facial soap that has both a liquid soap and a bar version. The second step is a deep cleansing of the skin and comes in 4 levels (sensitive skin to less sensitive skin) The third step, in turn, hydrates the skin without leaving it oily and comes in two versions, one for dry or mixed skin (lotion) and a gel for oily skin.

Clinique 3-step System Kit for R$199 at the Clinique Brasil online store

Marina Smith (Blog 2beauty): Blogger Marina Smith recommends Neutrogena’s Deep Clean skin care range. The line has bar soap, liquid facial soap, cleansing gel, exfoliating, astringent, makeup remover lotion and toner 2 in 1.

Deep Clean Neutrogena Cleansing Gel for R$23.15 at Panvel Farmácias

Bruna Tavares (Blog Pausa para Feminices): Blogger Bruna recommends, in addition to the Neutrogena Deep Clean line that she also uses, the Vichy cleansing mousse. It is a pink liquid that foams in the hand. The product is gentle, cleanses the face deeply and eliminates oiliness.

Purethé Thermale Vichy Facial Cleansing Foam for R$49.90 at Onofre

Dermatologist clarifies frequently asked questions and answers

Dermatologist Helena Zantut answered some questions about deep skin cleansing, check it out:

    Why is it important to deep clean the skin? Deep cleaning of the skin is important, first for hygiene and also to improve the entry of products for treatment, whether for acne, wrinkles or other types.

    What is the recommended frequency? I recommend once a month if it’s a routine cleanse, but if the person has an acne problem, for example, they can have a weekly facial.

    What kind of product do you most recommend? Wipes, mask, astringent lotion, exfoliating? The most recommended product is the one suitable for that person’s skin, if it is oily, or dry, or mixed, it depends.

    Is facial sauna a good option? Is it recommended? The facial sauna is a good option yes, as it softens the comedones and opens the pores.

6 suggestions for deep skin cleansers

In addition to the most common deep cleaning products, such as astringent gel, lotion and soap, you can also bet on other products and devices that can complement or boost your skin’s total cleaning. Check out some examples and see how they work:

It’s worth taking care of your skin, keeping it always clean and hydrated. It is worth remembering that consulting a dermatologist is also important to have appropriate recommendations for your specific skin type. And don’t forget: good nutrition and drinking lots of water are also factors that contribute and greatly influence the appearance of the skin.

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