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Decorative letters: more personality and charm for your home

Can be applied in virtually any room in the house, decorative letters are a good option to enhance the decoration in a simple way and without much cost. With options made of wood, resin, plaster, metal or recycled materials, this item can provide extra beauty and charm wherever it is applied.

The diversity of materials also contributes to the possibility of customizing the item according to personal taste, painting with metallic, pastel or vibrant colors, applying printed fabrics and various ornaments such as pearls and glitter, according to what creativity allows.

Item often used in the production of photos and events, it can have words or loose letters, such as the initials of the owners’ names, for example. With the possibility of being fixed to walls or supported on furniture such as shelves and nightstands, it has a wide range of uses.

By opting for decoration with this item, it is possible to give more personality to the home, in addition to being practical, it does not require much maintenance, allowing differentiated compositions.

How to make decorative letters

Although you can easily find decorative letters to buy, if you are a fan of handmade projects, you will definitely love to let your imagination run wild and make your own letters. For that, check out some tutorials below and get inspired:

1. Decorative cardboard letters, by Fernanda Banderó

Here, in addition to learning to decorate the letters using printed fabrics, you will learn to make the letter itself, from beginning to end, with the help of cardboard, ruler, scissors and hot glue.

2. Luminous letters, by Maddu Magalhães

. A great option to take advantage of the Christmas lights that are stored for the rest of the year, this tutorial teaches you how to make beautiful lamp letters, capable of making any corner more charming.

3. MDF letter with pearls, by Dayane Nascimento

To facilitate the process, instead of making the structure of the letters, it is possible to buy them ready-made in raw MDF. As the video explains, just paint it and glue the half pearls, one by one. The result is gorgeous.

4. Lyrics Florida, by Femingos

Ideal to be fixed to the wall or doors, this letter was made of cardboard and received the application of various flowers with the help of hot glue. If desired, the same technique can be applied to letters made of MDF.

With this selection of videos, it is possible to learn the basic techniques to make your own decorative letters, whether to do it from the structure or just decorate it. This is a good opportunity to put manual skills into practice.

7 decorative letters ready for you to buy online

Now if you prefer to buy this decorative item already ready, there are online stores that have the most varied models and prices. Check out a selection of beautiful options:

Where to buy

  1. Decorative letter Welcome, at Elo7
  2. Decorative lettering Love, at Tok & Stok
  3. Decorative lettering Peace, at Funstock
  4. Decorative LED luminaire, at Elo7
  5. Decorative wooden letter Amor, in Magazine 25
  6. Decorative & blue lettering, at Meu Móvel de Madeira
  7. Decorative lettering Family, by Amanda Mol

With options for all tastes and pockets, it is still possible to buy the letter in raw MDF and add decorative elements such as fabrics or flowers to make this item even more special.

29 environments decorated with letters to inspire you

Still have questions about how to use decorative letters to make the environment even more special? Then check out this selection of beautiful projects and get inspired:

1. Decorative letters can complete your home style

2. Make a baby’s room even more charming

3. As well as composing the decoration of the candy table at a party

4. Gifts in the bedroom, above the headboard

5. Down to the ground, making a joke to whoever passes by

6. It looks beautiful composing the decoration with other objects

7. It is still possible to add more functions to this object

8. With a look full of nature, for outdoor areas

9. Or something more delicate, with pearl applications of varying sizes

10. Or just bring personality to the decor

11. Welcoming those who enter the environment

12. Presence also in the home office

13. Able to demonstrate love for the sport

14. …love someone

15. Or even love for home

16. The metallic option makes the look more refined

17. How about creating a composition with different styles and colors?

18. Or just name the owners of the space?

19. Using the little room owner’s favorite colors

20. Or following the style of the decoration of the environment

21. Can be used in between other decorative elements

22. Or as the highlight of the environment

23. Harmonizing with the most varied types of decoration

24. And covering different personal tastes

25. Ideal to send a message to the residents

26. Keeping positivity always present

27. It is possible to mix more than one technique

28. Or make the look simpler

29. Able to gather the residents of the house

Versatile, decorative letters can be used in any environment, whether fixed, hanging on the wall, or even supported on furniture and even on the floor. Easy to find or to be produced by hand, they become a good option to add charm and personality to the home. bet!

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