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Decorated cookies: 15 creative ideas for you to make at home

Whether to sell, to decorate parties or for a very special afternoon snack, decorated cookies are an excellent choice. Today you will learn 15 different techniques on how to make cookies and decorate them with different shapes, one more beautiful than the other. Keep reading this post and fall in love with the sweets we separate.

1. Cookies decorated with rice paper

The coolest thing about personalized rice paper cookies is that you can decorate them with the theme you prefer. In the video above, the superheroes were chosen – the kids love it! The step by step is very complete and explained, it is worth checking out.

2. Cookies decorated with fondant

Whether for weddings, anniversaries or as a souvenir, the cookie decorated with fondant is a great choice. In the tutorial above, the idea is to make a cookie in the shape of a cake. The decor is full of details and the end result is fantastic.

3. Cookies decorated with simple royal icing

If getting the royal icing done is a difficulty you have, you can’t help but check out this step by step. In addition, you will learn how to color the icing and how to decorate cookies in a delicate way.

4. Cookies decorated with royal icing in two spots

Christmas cookies that are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and stay in the right shape after they come out of the oven: what’s not to love? The dough for this proposal takes ingredients such as butter, eggs and vanilla extract. Makes 15 to 20 cookies.

5. Cookies decorated with chocolate

Here the idea is to decorate the cookie using white chocolate. For this, the chocolate for icing is melted and mixed with chocolate coloring. Put the chocolate inside a bag and capriche in the decoration. Let your imagination run wild and choose your favorite colors!

6. Cookies decorated with sugar

Looking for a syrup idea to decorate cookies that is very simple to make? This one is perfect! You just need to mix icing sugar with hot water and mix well. Then just put sprinkles and sprinkles on top, the way you prefer.

7. Cookies decorated with candy

Using candies to decorate the cookies is a creative way to make the look different. In the case of these heart-shaped cookies, very sweet hard candies were melted down to a glassy appearance. It looks very beautiful!

8. Lacy decorated cookies

Are you already more expert in the art of decorating cookies? Here’s a perfect tutorial for you: lace decor. It requires the hand to tighten so that the lines are straight. Even if you don’t know how to do it, it’s worth watching the video above: practically a work of art.

9. Cookies decorated with stencil

Need to make a lot of cookies at once? Using stencil is a way to speed up the work. The technique is simple, and it is possible to find stencils with the most varied models, from flowers and geometric shapes, to characters. You can use with royal icing or fondant. Try it!

10. Cookies decorated in high relief

Using molds it is possible to make beautiful decorations for cookies in high relief. The tip is to use scissors to make perfect finishes. The cookie is so pretty it’s almost a shame to eat it.

11. Cookies decorated with panettone essence

One word for these cookies decorated with Christmas motifs: passionate. For the dough you will only need wheat flour, salt, panettone essence (or vanilla essence), egg and icing sugar. Simple, right?

12. Decorated gingerbread cookies

Gingerbread is an aromatic cookie and quite popular at Christmas time. To prepare it you need spices like ginger, cloves and cinnamon powder. It is worth saying that this cookie is a temptation: it leaves a wonderful smell in the whole house.

13. Cookies decorated with almonds

This cookie here is very different: it is made with a French pie dough, which takes butter, icing sugar, wheat flour, eggs and almond flour. The ideal in this recipe is to beat everything by hand, without using a mixer.

14. Chocolate decorated cookies

To spice up your decorated cookies, how about making a delicious dough with chocolate? The list of ingredients is simple: sugar, wheat flour, margarine, egg yolks and chocolate powder. Rabbit decoration is cute for parties or Easter.

15. Cookies decorated on a toothpick

These Lemon Dough Cookie Lollipops are beautiful on the eyes and on the palate too. The tip is to make the cookies thicker so they don’t crack when inserting the toothpick. Let your imagination run wild and make beautiful – and delicious – creations!

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