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Decorate your home with family photos

Using family photos is a simple way to decorate your home with love and make it even more welcoming. Portraits illustrate happy moments in your history and those who live with you, so they are a great option to beautify different parts of your home.

Start by choosing the photos that you would like to use in the decoration of the environments. You can select them in chronological order to tell the family story, or use those that have all or nearly all of the family members. Another family photo idea that can be used in decoration is photos of events and special dates, such as Christmas, birthdays or mother’s day, for example.

How and where to use family photos

Family photos can be placed on a panel, respecting a logic or just arranged irregularly, according to your creativity.

Picture frames also continue to be strong allies in decorating with family photos and look good on nightstands, sideboards, countertops and shelves. Another suggestion is to place the photos in frames and hang them on the wall symmetrically to form objects such as a square or a circle filled with photo frames.

In the bedrooms, you can leave a very large family portrait or smaller portraits in chronological order. In the hallways, it is interesting to place small frames with photos arranged regularly. To decorate the room, you can use the shelves of the cabinets and bookcases to place picture frames and place photo panels or murals on the walls.

Here are some ideas on how to decorate the house with family photos:

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