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Debauchery phrases: If we are debauched, man – Phrases for Whats

How about showing debauchery for that scam that doesn’t value you, for the enemy who keeps envying you and even for the gossips on duty who don’t leave you alone! Enjoy and choose the one you will use in statuses, captions and stories to send that indirect that we love!

Is the ex bragging around? How about breaking his wave?! Use this indirect that is success:

Who do you think did well? In your queue there’s one, in mine there’s a hundred 😘

If the routine is heavy and a total boredom, I understand you. How about mocking that too?

It’s not possible that life is just studying, paying bills, crying, cleaning the house and rejecting calls from São Paulo. 🤳

To the enemies, don’t give too much morals, just your debauchery

The difference between us is that I was born to win and you to applaud my victory. ✌️

Does your pride kill you? Mine won’t even let me go to the funeral.

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