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Cut options for fine and thin hair to enhance the volume of your locks

You go to the beauty salon, but when you come back, where’s the volume of the cut? It’s a huge disappointment to never get what your wires are asking for. Therefore, the hairdresser Bárbara Vieira, specialized in natural hair and hair loss, has pointed out 6 cuts for thin and thin hair that will help you achieve a spectacular effect. Check out!

1. Layer cut

That’s right, the straight cut is perfect for those who have thin and thin hair. According to Bárbara, it is necessary to be calm, as it is important to leave the hair short or at shoulder length, so that the look does not weigh down and the expected effect is achieved. Below, see some examples:

A great tip is to bet on short layered hair

Or at shoulder height

There is also the layered rectum hitting the shoulder

A medium cut is perfect for those who don’t want their hair too short.

And curly hair can also bet on layers

2. Long bob cut

“After 3 years working and studying hair, I realized that there are several curvatures, genetic factors and pathologies that make hair thin. If the problem is not addressed, it can get to the point where there is no way to reverse the situation. In this case, we can indicate cuts that enhance the full and full-bodied effect” points out Bárbara, who then indicates the long bob.

This cut is characterized by straight strands and slightly longer in the front, at shoulder height. It is suitable for fine and thin hair as it gives more volume and gives the impression of being fuller, as suggested by Bárbara. Get some inspiration:

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Look at this long bob in curly hair

See how the cut looks stylish and modern

It also looks great at shoulder height.

The asymmetrical long bob is alternative

Perfect for a modern look

3. Pixie cut

For those who want to dare and bet on the short, even with thin and thin hair, Bárbara recommends the Pixie cut, the famous joãozinho hair. In addition to being easy to take care of, it helps to disguise the drain of the highlights. See how beautiful:

The pixie is a light cut

It suits all ages

And makes the look more stripped

In the pixie, the fringe helps to disguise the thinning wires

Practicality, beauty and style in the same cut

4. Layered cut

Lovers of long hair who don’t change for anything, although they have thinner and thinner hair, can opt for the short layered cut. In order not to create a veil between the layers of the hair, Bárbara suggests making the layers close together, layered from the top of the head to the ends. See some inspirations:

The full layered cut improves the look of fine hair

Gives movement and life to wires

It goes well with curly hair

In addition to matching with wavy and thin hair

The peak is perfect

5. Asymmetrical cut

In addition to the asymmetrical cut being among the favorites of women, it is also recommended by Bárbara when it comes to giving volume to thin and thin hair. There is the horizontal asymmetrical cut, in which the hair is different lengths, and the vertical cut, in which each side of the hair has a different length. Check out:

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You can bet on the most relaxed asymmetrical cut

It helps define curls

If you like the short, the asymmetrical looks beautiful

Modern, youthful and empowering

For the most alternatives, the asymmetrical color is a knockout

6. Cut with fringe

For those who don’t want anything too radical, but are looking for a change, you can bet on the fringe cut. According to Bárbara, this is a “great idea, as it gives the impression of delicacy”. It is possible to opt for bangs divided in the middle, side, longer, among other types of bangs. Check out some cuts:

Using bangs can soften thin, thin hair in the forehead area.

Straight bangs are a good option

Curtain bangs are perfect for those who prefer full bangs.

Short bangs are modern and a hot trend

There is also no shortage of options for beautiful curly fringes.

“Each person is unique, with different hair, so it’s a little difficult to talk about cuts for certain types of hair. Cutting for fine hair is a creation, mainly because we have to adapt to what the client wants and what the hair allows us to do”, concludes Bárbara.

It is important to emphasize that all hair is special and deserves attention. So, check out some thin hair care that will help you keep your hair looking and feeling healthy.

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