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Cut haircut: 30 photos and tips to adopt the look

They say that hair is the frame of the face and that is why it is a point that makes all the difference in the look, especially for women. With that in mind, keeping the colors and haircuts that value your beauty is very important. And an option that looks good on different face shapes and types of hair is the cut haircut.

By bringing modernity and movement to the haircuts and valuing the look of women, the repicado won the appreciation of the female audience. Practical and democratic, the peaked cut can be used on all types of hair, just taking some specific care for each type of hair.

In addition to facilitating the care of the wires and adapting to both curled and smooth wires, the spiked locks can have different sizes. That is, it is possible to find a short haircut to call your own without having to change the length of your choice.

Check out the hairstylist tips from Salão Prime, Ângela Cristina, and learn how to choose the best type of haircut for you.

Women’s short haircuts

As mentioned above, there are different types of peas that vary according to the length of the cold cuts. The cut can be done in layers, only at the ends or along the hair in an irregular way. Find out which are the best cut options for each hair length and choose the one that best suits you.

short cut hair

Short-haired women are usually more flexible when it comes to hair and aren’t afraid to take a risk with the cut. The cut is a good choice for fans of short hair, as they emphasize sensuality (part or all of the neck is exposed) and the natural practicality of the length.

In the case of the “joãozinho” cut, the cut appears on the ends and in the fringe region, due to the reduced amount of hair. The interesting thing is to create an effect of fitting between the wires, to achieve a stripped and tidy look at the same time.

For the cut known as a short bob, where the strands are at the height of the chin, it is possible to create layers of different types. The layered cut creates a more relaxed look, the cut at the ends creates a special finish to the cut.

Medium bob haircut

The shoulders to modernize the look”>medium hair are easily related to the chanel cut and the peaked enters the scene precisely to innovate this cut model and break with the traditional idea of ​​the chanel. Hairstylist Ângela advises women with straight and medium hair to bet on the peaked ends to ensure more volume and leave the look current.

In chanel, the layers bring more volume and movement to the look and the irregular ends give a touch of daring. In addition, it is possible to create variations of the chanel through the type of fringe chosen (short or long, frayed or straight, longer or shorter than the rest of the hair).

Another medium cut option is the long bob, which has gained space among bloggers. This characteristic cut from the 90s, in which the strands are left over the shoulders, came back accompanied by a slight peak at the ends and a more stripped look.

The advantage of this cut over long hair is the practicality when taking care of the strands and as for short hair, it is not limiting the use of updos. Combining a layered layered haircut with the long bob is a great tip for a wavy look.

long chopped hair

Keeping the hair long can be complicated for women, as they have to perform multiple tasks in everyday life and the length requires more care. And the solution ends up being to reduce the length of the wires.

However, for those more attached to their hair, the cut can help. in addition to making the strands lighter, creating irregular lines along the hair leave a more youthful appearance. In order not to interfere with the apparent length of the strands, the ideal is to create layers at the top of the hair.

According to specialist Ângela Cristina, it is also possible to pick out the ends to modernize the look. “Whoever has straight and long locks, can opt for a haircut that is spiked at the ends in layers to add body to the hair.”, advises Ângela.

spiked curly hair

The main characteristics of curly hair are its waves and its natural volume, for this reason curly hair should be careful when it comes to peaking the strands. The cut serves to bring movement and volume to the look, so the hairstylist advises that a study of the structure of the wire be done before choosing the cut.

Women with wavy hair can invest in a light cut (in layers or at the ends), as can women with curly hair. Already the owners of voluminous curls should avoid the peaked and unravel the wires. If the curls lack volume or defined shape, due to the weight of the hair, light layering can also help.

“Curly ones can cut only the frayed ends to remove the volume. The curly strands can be lightly feathered just to fit the haircut and ensure a lighter and more sophisticated look.”, she says.

In addition, the specialist advises that curled hair is dry at the time of cutting, to avoid any surprise after drying. “We always cut dry curls, because the tendency is for hair to shrink a lot. We must know very well what the client wants so as not to go too short or too soon.”, she says.

Step by step haircut

If you still have any doubts about the effect of the layered haircut and how it is performed, watch the videos below and check out the step-by-step guide to create a light layered haircut for both straight and curly hair.

straight hair cut

spiked curly hair

It is worth remembering that the ideal is to cut your hair with a professional you trust and with good references to avoid bad surprises.

Chopped vs Shredded Hair: What’s the Difference?

There is a lot of doubt about the difference between unraveling and cutting the wires. To never go wrong again, the hair specialist, Ângela, helps: “Pitches are options to add volume, while shreds guarantee less volume.”

The peaked cut brings more movement to the hair and is indicated to modernize the smooth locks and leave the curly strands better accommodated. The shredded is an ally of curly hair who want to reduce the volume of the wires and have lighter hair with freer curls.

4 tips to enhance the peaked cut

  1. Keep your hair hydrated: hydration of the strands is important regardless of the type of cut, as it prevents split and dry ends and leaves the hair more beautiful and silky.
  2. Use the styler to your advantage: the hairstylist says that the use of the styler values ​​the cut cut because it makes the movement of the hair more visible and apparent. It’s worth investing!
  3. Lightness is the keyword: the cut brings lightness and movement to the look, so it is essential that these aspects are visible in the cut. That is, to cultivate a beautiful cut, invest in the lightness of the wires, even if it means losing a few centimeters in length.
  4. Invest in ointments and mousses: these products are allies of the spiked strands, they serve to highlight irregular locks and bring texture to the hair.

Get inspired by beautiful layered haircuts

Get inspired by the cut of the bloggers and, with the help of the tips given above, choose a cut cut to test and renew your look.

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