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Curly hair: see the types, cuts, hairstyles and learn how to care

Stylish and full of attitude, curly hair is unique. They are characterized by volume and require specific care, as their texture is very different from other types of hair, requiring their own techniques and products.

Lately, many women have become adept at abandoning straightening for good and proudly assuming their beloved curly hair, but this transition and even the care after the change needs to be closely watched to ensure nourished and beautiful strands.

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Curly hair care

According to specialist Giselle Dallago, from Salão Camarim Makeup Studio, most people confuse curly hair with wavy or curly hair, but there is a big difference. Curly hair is usually finer and much more prone to dryness and tight waves, requiring extreme care and specific products such as leave-in and moisturizer to help shape and hydrate. See some tips below.

1. No hot water

Even in the cold season, it is necessary to avoid using hot water on curly hair, as it damages the strands, drying them out. Since the cuticle of curly hair is very sensitive, any temperature that is too high ends up resulting in the natural dehydration of the root.

The youtuber, from the Beleza Black Power channel, has a series of information about hair care 4 (curly), one of the main guidelines talking about this attention to the temperature of the water.

2. Detangle before shampoo

Unlike other types of hair, washing and detangling frizzy hair requires some care to leave the strands clean without losing their natural oiliness. Detangling before shampooing prevents excessive hair loss and finishing with conditioner seals in hydration.

Yuli Balzac reveals her washing routine, starting with detangling and humidifying in cold or warm water, to the correct way to massage the roots and replenish the nutrients of the hair with a mask and conditioner.

3. Do not shampoo the ends

A very common mistake is to want to clean your hair all over with shampoo, applying from the root to the ends. However, curly hair is drier than the others, and can become dull if shampoo is applied to the ends. Prefer to use the product only on the oily parts of the hair.

The youtuber offers 5 tips to ensure healthy hair, without drying or excess frizz. The first is related to the above indication, and it works for curly or curly hairs.

4. Hydrate constantly

As curly hair is drier, it needs even more hydration than other hair types. The first step is a wetting, and then the shampoo is applied and finally, hydration is carried out with a mixture of products.

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Dani Azevedo, graduate student in trichology and hair therapy, teaches you step by step what to do to avoid having dull and lifeless hair. It shows all the products used and how the application was made.

5. How to finish

Performing the simple fit technique, be sure to finish your hair with the right products, to ensure a very beautiful and defined final result. This last procedure helps to add volume, in addition to leaving the curls well distributed.

Lorena Matos gives her indication of favorite creams for finishing short hair. It shows from the way to apply to the quantities of product used in each step of the process.

From the temperature of the water to the right way to finish, a few steps are needed to ensure beautiful and powerful curls. Specialist Giselle Dallago points out that in addition to these care, some chemical processes can be indicated for the maintenance of curly hair, such as afro perm and relaxation, but everything must be properly indicated by a trained professional specializing in these types of hair.

curly hair types

For a better classification of hair types, it is common to use the Andre Waler System, which categorizes according to thickness and wavy of the hair. While straight, wavy and curly hair fit into categories 1, 2 and 3, respectively, curly hair falls within the 4th (and even 5th), differing by the letter.

Giselle Dallago says that the main characteristics of curly hair are related to the shape, which tends to be tighter and spiral-shaped. They are superfine and extremely dry hair, requiring attention. But they have a unique beauty, which makes their owner stand out wherever she wants to go. See further below.

  • 4A: curls still visible but very small, despite being poorly defined compared to curly hair, they are the most defined of curly hair. It is usually drier at the ends and gains volume easily, despite being very sensitive. The diameter of the 4A is commonly compared to that of a crochet hook and when stretched, it resembles the letter “s”. Its cuticles are very thin, which leaves it more exposed to damage from external agents such as heat and humidity.
  • 4B: curls even less defined than the previous type and even tend to be almost invisible when the hair is dry. They are very thin, with a tendency to break easily, for this reason it is recommended to be very careful when untangling them. One characteristic is that it shrinks a lot after drying, and as for the shape, there is usually a comparison of the strands with the letter “z”.
  • 4C: in this type it is almost impossible to see the definition of the curls, and the strands are extremely thin, making it even easier to break. Its identification is made from the particularities of the wires being very close and voluminous, growing upwards. Even thinner cuticles and therefore with little natural protection.
  • 5: super rare, this hair is very hard to see. He is said to be “very curly” by some women and with him it is difficult to achieve definition. It differs from other types by the curvature of the wire, not forming curls whether dry or wet, so they have their own texture and volume.
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It is important to point out that this labeling is not exact or covers all existing curly hair, as some are a mix of two or more types of hair, or they fall between two formats. However, this list serves to facilitate the identification of hair for proper treatment.

Cuts for curly hair

Due to the volume and texture, the cuts for this type of hair are often confused, but curly hair shouldn’t worry because there are a multitude of possible cuts for your hair.

1. Shaving the sides and leaving volume on top is very stylish

2. The heart-shaped cut enhances the volume of the hair

3. Mohicans are ideal for sassy women

4. Shorts are super stylish

5. And they never lose their charm

6. This cut values ​​what your hair has best: volume!

7. And the short is still a practical option

8. The long “V” leaves the curls more distributed

9. The afro is a classic

10. But the cuteness of the mini-afro is irresistible

11. The long ones get hyper-powerful

12. This cut provides a very high volume

13. The swag cut has been gaining ground in salons all over Brazil

14. And the rounded gradient is a trend

15. Wearing natural dreads is on the rise

Did you manage to choose your favorite? From long to short, they are cuts that never end.

hairstyles for curly hair

And even with the cut you already have, it’s nice to vary, styling your hair in the most fun ways, check out some examples.

1. The afro puff is very easy to make

2. Ideal for formal events such as weddings

3. For a change, side buns are an option

4. Very elegant, isn’t it?

5. Braids are super stylish

6. Bantu knots are the hairstyle of the day

7. A bun made from braids is always a good alternative

8. Using accessories adds an extra touch to the look

9. And the back braids bring a more modern look

10. For special occasions, this one is perfect

11. Arrested and armed is also beautiful

12. Loose, split in half is very practical

13. Cuteness defines this hairstyle!

14. The more daring ones can opt for some cornrows only in the front

15. And the mohawks with hair rings on the side are out of this world

They are all so beautiful that it makes you want to try them out at once, right? Be sure to have fun with the different hairstyles available for curly hair.

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5 amazing products for curly hair

Curly hair is beautiful but requires specific care, whether during the shower or after finishing it, keep an eye on these unmissable products below.

Where to buy

  1. Avon Advance Techniques Mask
  2. “It has a texture between medium and consistent, it helps a lot to nourish and results in shiny and defined curls. I used this mask for a few days and I’m already ahead: pure love!” – Marcia Pacheco

  3. Salon Line Curl Definer
  4. “I’m loving this volume and definition, my hair is very soft, it’s not too heavy but it smells great, just the way I like it.” – Deborah Ninja

  5. Capicilin Natural Curl Defining Gelatin
  6. “Those who like definition can include this product in their shopping list. Gelatin promises to model the curls and leave the hair with a natural movement. The product is very liquid and transparent. – Maressa de Souza

  7. Dhonna Afro Gentle Poo Shampoo
  8. “I would say that it is ideal for those who are starting their hair routine, it leaves the hair feeling very light and clean but without damaging it.” – Marcia Pacheco

  9. Leave-in Yenzah Desmaia Fios, at the Beleza na Web Store
  10. “It left my hair very light and manageable, it didn’t leave that heavy look on the strands and all that with just a little bit of product.” – Jaqueline Fernandes

That said, don’t waste time and go out there rocking, whether with an intense black power or a super healthy and beautiful short, the important thing is not to be afraid to show the whole world the power of beautiful curly hair.

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