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Cross stitch: learn the embroidery that is coming back to fashion

Embroidery is back in fashion! You must have seen so many impressive embroidery on your social networks and blogs and thought: “Wow, how can someone do something like this?”, but believe me, it’s not that hard to do!

One of the simplest embroidery techniques for beginners that has a beautiful result is the cross stitch!

Cross stitch is the technique in which the stitches form an X and are of uniform size and appearance, which makes the embroidery even more beautiful.

It is considered the oldest form of embroidery. It came back into fashion after young British women resumed the habit of making handmade products to face the 2008 crisis. And it can be an interesting exit for you too!

Learn more about cross stitch and see some interesting techniques not only for beginners, but also for more experienced ones who want more advanced graphics and techniques!

What do you need to start embroidering?

If you’ve never done embroidery in your life, it’s important to know what it takes to get started. So you can start your first works with everything in hand and ready to make beautiful drawings! You will basically need:

Thick point needle: especially for those who are starting, it is essential that it is the thick point needle, as it is the most comfortable for cross stitch. Or else you could run the risk of leaving with your fingers all bruised and pierced, which is not cool, right?

Skeins: skeins are the skeins of yarn that will be used to make the embroidery. You will find them in the most different colors. That is, it is good that you have a good list of options to make the most varied combinations when preparing your graphics.

Etamine: Etamine is the most popular fabric for embroidery and is ideal for beginners, as it is easy to handle. In addition, it is suitable for practically all types of decoration pieces or personal use.

Large Scissors: Large scissors are useful for cutting fabrics. It is important that you choose a really good one to avoid any damage to the material. Remember to use it only for cutting fabric and nothing else.

Small scissors: the small scissors is the smallest model, useful for finishing. Remember that it must always be sharp to avoid chewing the wires.

Graphics: these are the designs that you will use as a basis for embroidering. Each of them will have a level of difficulty, from easy to the most difficult and will require different techniques for their execution.

With these materials you can already do your work without major problems and will be ready to rock the embroidery!

Exercises and important tips for beginners

Are you starting in cross stitch and lost in techniques? So how about seeing some cool tips for those starting out? They will help you with basic things that are important to make beautiful embroidery.

Watch some very didactic videos for you to learn important steps and train your technique!

How to cut etamine

This video is useful for you to learn how to cut the etamine correctly, without ruining the fabric. Remember that this is the only way to do this task. The important thing is to follow the lines, avoiding cutting the top or bottom ones so as not to spoil the material. If you miss, you may have wasted etamine.

How to start, cast off and take the thread out of the skein

Learn the first steps of how to really start embroidering. See how to take the yarn out of the skein without ruining it or winding the yarn and how to actually cross stitch, with the main stitches, in addition to the correct way to finish off after making the stitches.

How to read cross stitch charts

Learn to find out the size of the embroidery on the fabric through the chart, identify what the darkest lines mean, find the middle of the embroidery, how to choose the embroidery colors, read the captions, among other essential information.

exercises for beginners

Learn two exercises to boost your cross stitch learning: the simple row (which will help you get familiar with cross stitch) and the zigzag row. Both are very simple and will help you with your first embroideries!

More exercises for beginners

More easy exercises for you to learn basic cross stitch stitches. They are very useful for you to exercise different points before starting to develop your graphs.

contour exercise

Contouring exercises are important when you start preparing your graphics. Also called the back stitch, it is one of the easiest stitches and will be very useful for you.

After all these tips and lessons, it will be much easier to start and rock the cross stitch!

9 graphics of different levels for you to download

Now that you’ve learned some basics, it’s time to start making your first charts! In other words, it’s time for you to put into practice everything you’ve learned and evolve in embroidery.

That’s why we’re going to show you some graphics of different levels for you to train according to your ability and, if you already have experience in embroidery, you can also find some ideas for new jobs.

1. Heart

Beginner level

Where to apply: Napkins, dish towels, paintings, key chains, towels, applications in boxes.

2. Dove of Peace

Beginner level

Where to apply: Napkins, frames, key chains, tablecloths, tea towels.

3. Cupcake

Beginner level

Where to apply: Towels, napkins, tea towels, tablecloths.

4. Babies

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Where to apply: Frames for maternity, towels, sheets, baby shower favors;

5. Cupid

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Where to apply: Towels, napkins, gifts, application in boxes and other objects.

6. Alphabet

Beginner level

Where to apply: Any application surface.

7. Tinkerbell

Advanced level

Where to apply: Children’s towels, bags, paintings, hand towels, applications on clothes.

8. Hummingbird

Advanced level

Where to apply: Towels, paintings, tablecloths, decorative pieces.

9. Super Mario

Intermediate level

Where to apply: Children’s towels, wall decorations, bags, t-shirts.

Cross stitch works to inspire you

Another very important thing is to see inspiring cross stitch works. So you can see how beautiful the final result is and you will feel encouraged to continue training!

In addition, you can also learn about other techniques that can be very interesting to be applied in your embroidery. See some amazing examples!

There are so many beautiful inspirations that the desire is to run out to get the needle and start right now, isn’t it?

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