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Cropped bikini: a stylish and more comfortable option for your beach look

The cropped bikini is here to stay! The trend inspired by the swimwear of aquatic sportswomen offers much more comfort and support not only for those who want a more discreet and secure result in the bikini top, but also for those looking for a more fashionable and elegant option.

As it is a little bigger than the usual bikinis, the crop top also offers the right structure for the practice of activities in the water or on the edge of the sea: playing a game of volleyball, racquetball or practicing stand-up without worrying about movements. or checking that everything is in place at all times is much more convenient.

And of course, in addition to comfort, we must also value its beauty. The cropped is very elegant and versatile, able to combine with different types of panties, in the most varied colors and prints. Just know what result you want to achieve (enhance or disguise the bust, accentuate curves, ensure a vintage look, among other tricks) and choose the piece that most identifies you.

Below you can see some creative inspirations with a cropped bikini and its most varied models, with comments from the Fashion and Style Consultant, Lais Urizi:

strap cropped bikini

The cropped bikini with straps enhances the shoulders, maintaining the discretion and structure characteristic of this wider version than the usual bikinis. “The strap cropped is a great option for those with broad shoulders, as it can visually expand that part of the body even more”, adds the consultant.

Cropped tank top or short sleeve bikini

Regarding this more closed model, Lais suggests for those who like to practice outdoor sports, such as running or beach volleyball, for example. They will ensure more support to the breasts, and also more security. Printed fabrics and striking colors can enhance skin tone, while plain and neutral fabrics ensure a more minimalist look.

Single front cropped bikini

For girls who want to leave everything in place without worries, the secret is to bet on the cropped halter top. The professional’s tip for this model is accurate: “in addition to being an option for those with a small torso, it is the single front that will also guarantee a better feeling of support for those with a larger bust”.

Cropped ruffled off-the-shoulder bikini

“The ruffled crop top will add volume to the torso. The shoulder to shoulder even more. Anyone who has a smaller shoulder and doesn’t want it in evidence can abuse this option. Large prints (drawings or florals) and high contrast also have an enlarging effect”, suggests Lais. For this type of model, the ideal is to combine it with a more discreet panties, so that the center of attention is only the volume of the top.

Long sleeve cropped bikini

The favorite model of water sportsmen got a new outfit to make the beach look even more fashionable. Fun prints and colors were adopted, in addition to the comfort of its elasticity. It is commonly combined with hot pants, which can be either the same print or a different color, to give it a more casual touch.

Crochet cropped bikini

In addition to being beautiful, the crochet cropped offers another advantage: its versatility! “It can be easily worn with a long skirt, high-waisted pants, outside the beach or pool. It doesn’t give the same feeling as a normal bikini (which leaves the body more exposed) and gives the freedom to be used in countless ways during the summer”, concludes the consultant.

10 beautiful cropped bikinis you can buy online

Did you like the idea and already want a cropped bikini for your summer? Here are some options you can buy without leaving home:

Where to buy

  1. Cropped bikini with cutouts, at Renner
  2. Cropped black lace bikini, at Americanas
  3. Agua Doce ruffled cropped bikini, at Zattini
  4. Gypsy hibiscus bikini at Kalini
  5. Água Doce cropped bikini cutouts, at Zattini
  6. Cropped Sand Beach Bikini, at Cia Marítima
  7. Inside Solar Bikini, at Manamar
  8. Portuguese tile print bikini, at Flee
  9. Bottom of the Sea Drop Knee Bikini at Manamar
  10. Peruvian cropped bikini from Marcyn

It will be difficult to choose just one!

More looks with cropped bikini

See some beautiful models that value not only the body, but also the composition of the pieces:

Print and criss-cross on the front

More open at the back to perfect the tan

A sportier model

The details of the strips on the front give a more stripped look to the piece.

But you can also opt for an all-white, more minimalist bikini.

Or all black, very simple and charming

Stronger colors enhance the skin tone

Especially if they have a really fun print

Don’t forget to choose a nice hat to match.

Cropped bikini with hot pants

This piece with short sleeves and tied in the front is just a charm

The single front enhances the shoulder region in a harmonious way

While the ruffles create a very elegant volume

Nobody can resist a differentiated modeling

And not even the delicate prints of the floral

To enhance the torso, bet on a low panties

Crochet offers countless possibilities for combinations and proposals.

The ideal look for a fancy pool party

Or that unassuming boat ride

Single front combined with side lace panty

Lace with nude lining ensures a more romantic look

The truth is that the cropped bikini is not only an option for those looking for a different look, but also for girls who are somehow uncomfortable with casual bikinis. For Laís, the secret lies in feeling good before leaving home: “Today, the golden rule in all spheres of fashion is comfort. We don’t have an exact model for each one. The best thing is that they observe the effect in the mirror and if it agrees with what they are looking for”.

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