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Crochet shoes: to warm feet and hearts

Craftsmanship allows us to have unique and super special pieces. Crochet, for example, is on the rise and has established itself as a favorite of fashion professionals.

Crochet pieces are so stylish that there’s no secret to using them: they are suitable for all audiences, including children. Below is a list of the most varied models of crochet shoes.

50 crochet shoe inspirations to warm feet and hearts!

Check out some photos of crochet shoes that can make any baby stylish and super trendy.

1. A sneaker with laces and a high top for you to fall in love with.

2. Or a pink low top, to make any princess comfortable.

3. This white sneaker with pearls adds a special touch to any look.

4. A blue and black sandal model is also a great choice.

5. In the summer, this sandal option leaves little feet very fresh.

6. On cold days, a crochet bootie not only warms up but also makes everything cuter.

7. What about this watermelon slipper? Cute, isn’t it?

8. For the more casual, how about a crochet sandal?

9. With this flower shoe, the garden will look much prettier!

10. This white slipper is ideal for gifting at a revelation tea.

11. For the classics, this beautiful brown moccasin.

12. The options for shoes with pet applications are also enchanting.

13. Or, you can also crochet the animals.

14. How about some glitter bows?

15. Details like this soccer ball app are breathtaking!

16. These black high top sneakers are anything but basic!

17. A moccasin with crowns suits any prince’s feet.

18. Sandals with straps in dark tones are the face of summer.

19. Sneakers with teddy bears? Can’t resist!

20. Shoes with teddy bears, made for them, are also awesome!

21. Ballerina-style sandals are delicate and beautiful!

22. The more pearls… the BETTER!

23. You can also bet on more sober colors, like the classic white and black…

24. …or dare, with a shoe full of colors!

25. Ribbons, flowers and rhinestones: a slipper to attract attention and delight!

26. How to resist this beautiful red flats?

27. A little colorful detail gives the shoe a special touch!

28. Buttons can also be used to make shoes more elegant.

29. In this model, the toes are exposed. Cute!

30. Colorful flowers gave this little flats more joy!

31. Why not dare with a beautiful green moccasin?

32. White and black sneakers always give a lot of personality to the look of the little ones.

33. Threads and yarns with glitter are a great choice for eye-catching shoes.

34. How not to fall in love with this little pink fox?

35. On hot days, nothing better than wearing a flowered slipper, right?

36. And what about the cuteness of this salmon sandal with colored stones? A charm!

37. All the beauty of a pink bootie with a white pompom!

38. Get inspired by these giraffe high top sneakers, with dots and ears.

39. You can even crochet a beautiful men’s sports shoe, you know?

40. Colors, flowers and pearls: this trio made this slipper beautiful!

41. Not to mention the numerous options for shoes for commemorative dates. How about this Santa Claus?

42. For radical boys, camouflaged sneakers are a great choice.

43. This inspiration is for those who like lots of colors and use them without fear!

44. Beautiful slipper option for princes to rest their feet.

45. These little frogs on the white shoes are so cute!

46. ​​And not even the characters escape: check out this shoe with Spider-Man!

47. Even a simple slipper can be very cute.

48. Another possibility is the application of sequins, which give shine and beauty to the shoes.

49. For dads in love with football, inspiration from shoes from the team of the heart.

50. And to close, this beautiful white and black sandal with “wooden heel”. A grace, isn’t it?

How to make crochet shoes step by step

Another option for you to be inspired by the production of crochet shoes are the tutorial videos available on Youtube. We have selected some options to help you. Check out:

Pearl shoe tutorial

In this video, you will learn how to make a super delicate crochet shoe with pearls. In addition, methods for applying rhinestones and lace bows to the ready-made shoe are taught.

Super warm wool boot

In this tutorial, you will find the step-by-step guide on how to crochet a bootie using thick wool, ideal for use on the coldest days. You’ll know how to make the piece by interspersing different colored yarns, which will give the shoe even more charm!

Outside toes: Crochet sandal with flowers

In this last video, you’ll find out how to make a crochet sandal, super recommended for hot days. Also using two different lines, you will learn to make flowers and strips to decorate the piece.

As we have seen, there are many options for crochet shoes: whether for boys or girls, closed or open, they have become moms’ darlings and a great option to make children’s look more beautiful.
If you also love crafts and believe that crochet pieces are unique and more than special, get inspired by this article and get hands on!

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