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Crochet shawl: 70 beautiful models for all occasions

The crochet shawl is an extremely versatile piece that has a wide variety of combinations and options. This variety will make you have fun dressing and making amazing combinations.

Whether in autumn or winter, the shawl will go great in all styles, as well as keeping you warm. It is a joker piece for cold days that is worth having a piece (or more) in your wardrobe. Take a look at our inspirations:

70 crochet shawl models to rock the winter

The crochet shawl goes with everything! You will be impressed with the different and stylish combinations that this piece can compose. Take a look:

1. The crochet shawl is a piece that suits cold climates

2. But don’t leave the mild climates aside

3. Ideal for an urban walk

4. It also works in the field very well

5. This impressive versatility is enchanting

6. The shawl can compose the most romantic looks

7. But it also works in more sober combinations

8. Regardless of your preference

9. You can be sure that a shawl pattern will fit perfectly

10. Even in the most elaborate looks

11. How about experimenting with a dress?

12. It also adorns the most basic and everyday looks

13. And it can work as a super stylish addition

14. The color contrast in this style will blow your mind

15. The lighter looks are just sweet

16. The shawl will embrace all styles and all situations

17. The colors of this model are also passionate

18. Abusing pastel tones is always an option

19. Dare to sophisticated color palettes with the crochet shawl

20. Also bet on colored combinations and Nefo fringes

21. Another beautiful element is the color gradient

22. Any theme and style is perfect with the shawl combinations

23. What about this amazing blue model?

24. Shawl on the beach? Yes, it’s possible!

25. And it results in simply perfect combinations

26. And you can use it on the beach, in the park, in the city…

27. There are no limits to combinations with this piece

28. Whether in the city or in a sunflower field!

29. The colors will embrace both the shawl and your look

30. A basic white crochet shawl goes with everything

31. Is your look basic? Complete with a yellow shawl

32. Whatever your choice…

33. The shawl models will remain charming

34. And look: anything goes in the color combination

35. If you’re going to make your own, let your imagination take you

36. That you might be surprised

37. Gone are the days when a shawl was an old garment

38. For today he is more modern than ever!

39. It’s worth investing in this versatile piece

40. It will suit all bodies and all ages

41. From the cutest models

42. Even the most sophisticated and sober models

43. Do you think he fits even in a formal occasion?

44. One more reason to invest with everything!

45. It’s going to be hard to have just one in your wardrobe

46. ​​The crochet shawl will be your new wildcard!

47. He promises to get into impressive songwriting

48. But you will never let the basics down

49. Still not in love with this piece?

50. For reasons abound

51. How about making your own shawl?

52. You can crochet simply and quickly

53. And maybe even discover a new hobby

54. You can make hollow stitches like this

55. A little more closed off

56. Different and stylized stitches

57. The options are almost endless

58. It is also possible to earn extra income

59. Or even gift a friend with this beautiful piece

60. When crocheting your own shawl, you can get creative

61. And having a whole collection available

62. To get started, just search for a chart online

63. And let your imagination take you!

64. Abuse creativity and also combinations

65. You can dare with the shawl at all times

66. And even have fun putting together looks and styles

67. In spring, summer, autumn or winter…

68. Whatever the season, the crochet shawl will be there

69. With the usual style

70. And renewed like never before!

Did you see? The models can vary in size, shape and color, in addition to matching dresses, pants, shorts and many other pieces. Now that you’re inspired, let your imagination run wild to create your own look!

How to make a crochet shawl

Now that you’ve been inspired by the looks beyond stylish, just assemble yours! And for that, you can also crochet using your style and colors. Want to learn how? Check out these step-by-step instructions:

Crochet Shawl – Tenderness Thread

Professor Simone Eleotério teaches in this very simple video to understand how to make a crochet shawl with yarn in tenderness. A super cute pink shawl for all occasions.

Crochet Shawl – Mini Thread

In this video, you will learn how to make a beautiful gradient blue shawl, including the step-by-step color transition! Take a look.

Crochet shawl step by step

Shawl with fringes? We have too. Watch the step by step on how to make this shawl with fringe ideal for the coldest days!

Triangular Shawl

Claudete Azevedo teaches in this very simple video how to make a triangular shawl, that modelinho with a vintage and super popular footprint. You will love!

Prism shawl

In this other one, Neila Dalla Costa teaches how to make a prism shawl, a little larger pattern in a diamond shape for all occasions!

Whether making your own model or buying it ready-made, it’s a fact that the crochet shawl is a mega stylish piece for all occasions. But of course, it’s also always important to feel good about your style! See also other crochet pieces, such as the bolero or the swimsuit.

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