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Creamy coffee: 12 recipes that will win your heart

Can you imagine having a creamy coffee, with an amazing texture and that irresistible taste that everyone loves? The afternoon snack gets a special touch, no doubt! And, contrary to what you might think, you don’t have to go to any famous coffee shop to enjoy yourself. With just a few ingredients, you can even make your wonderful creamy coffee at home.

Like the idea? Did you hit that urge? So check out below 12 recipes that will bring more flavor and delight to your days. Ah, the mix can be frozen and used whenever you want! Pure practicality.

1. Simple creamy coffee

This coffee blend is perfect to accompany a book and a slice of cake. And the cool thing is that it’s very simple to make, requiring only three ingredients: instant coffee, boiling water and sugar. The mixture can be stored in the refrigerator and will last a long time. To learn the step by step, just check out the full recipe.

2. Easy Creamy Coffee

Did you know that you can make that amazing, creamy coffee shop coffee in the comfort of your home? Yes, and without much mystery! For this, you must have instant coffee, sugar and warm water available. Just beat the ingredients in the mixer for 15 minutes and it’s ready. Add this mixture to the milk and enjoy. Check the preparation method.

3. Vegan creamy coffee

This foam without any element of animal origin will transform your coffee. Just like the recipes above, this version also takes sugar, water and coffee. However, it is mixed with vegetable milk and, on top of that, it receives a final touch of cinnamon. Hard to resist. Write down the recipe and be surprised.

4. Creamy coffee without sugar

Anyone who thinks creamy coffee needs to be ultra-sweet is wrong. The recipe can be made substituting traditional sugar, but still delicious. The suggestion is to use xylitol, a natural sweetener. 5 tablespoons is enough for 100 ml of hot water. Cocoa and cinnamon powder are optional add-ons.

5. Creamy coffee with powdered milk

After that well-prepared family lunch, there’s nothing like a creamy coffee to accompany dessert and a moment of chat. This version here uses refined sugar and powdered milk to taste, yielding approximately 30 doses. A cool tip is to freeze using ice cube trays and use whenever you want. To learn how to make it, just watch the recipe video.

6. Creamy coffee with chocolate

Any doubt what coffee and chocolate are all about? To make this sweet creaminess, you need 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder, in addition to the traditional ingredients, which are soluble coffee, sugar and milk. Vanilla sugar is optional, but it makes a difference. The cream can be stored in the freezer for up to 6 months. Learn how to prepare.

7. Creamy Coffee with Ovaltine

100 ml of water, 10 spoons of refined sugar, 4 spoons of Ovaltine, 50 g of instant coffee. With only these ingredients you can prepare a cream that will take your daily coffee to another level. Beat everything in the mixer until it rises and becomes a homogeneous mixture. Serve a generous spoonful of warm milk and enjoy. You deserve!

8. Creamy iced coffee

Whoever thinks that coffee only suits the coldest seasons of the year is wrong. There will be coffee in the summer yes! Even more if it is this creamy coffee that is ready in two sticks and can be kept in the freezer without losing its consistency. The tip to preserve well is to store in a jar with a lid. Check preparation details.

9. Coffee with creamy milk

Few things are as delicious as a good cup of coffee on a break from work. This creamy latte is simple to prepare and has a passionate flavor. The special ingredient used is condensed milk. 3 tablespoons of cornstarch helps to get the point right. It can’t be bad, right? See the step by step.

10. Creamy Mocha Coffee

Love coffee a little more elaborate? Then you will like this homemade mocha. For those who don’t know, the mocha (it’s called “moca”!) has espresso, chocolate, steamed milk and whipped cream. This recipe uses instant coffee, chopped semisweet chocolate and powdered milk. It’s a delight!

11. Creamy coffee pot

Here the idea is to transform creamy coffee into a dessert that goes perfectly with a gray day. The recipe is a little laborious, but it’s worth the effort. For 6 servings you need 2 cups of sugar, 4 eggs, 480ml of milk and a cup of very strong brewed coffee. Decorate with coffee beans to add a little extra flair. It is worth noting the step by step.

12. Turkish Creamy Coffee

It’s time to taste a coffee different from all those that have passed through your cups. Made with Turkish coffee powder, this option still takes cardamom seeds, cinnamon stick, fresh cream, dark chocolate, eggs and sugar. Invest in great quality ingredients for an unforgettable experience. Follow the tips in the full recipe.

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