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Cranberry: know the good fruit that helps you lose weight

Known as an ally for those who want to lose weight, cranberry, also known as cranberry, cranberry, red blueberry or cranberry, is a fruit that has numerous benefits if consumed regularly.

Originally from the United States, it was cultivated by the Indians of that region, being used mainly to treat urinary infections of the population. Similar in appearance to a cherry, it is common in cold areas, being popular in North America, Canada, Europe and Chile.

Despite not being grown in our region, it is possible to have access to this fruit in fairs and natural stores, both in its original version (fruit), and variations such as capsules, powder and detox juices.

6 surprising benefits of cranberry

To exemplify its actions in our body, nutritionist Samira Barcelos from the company Leve e Pronto created a list of some of its most beneficial effects achieved through the regular consumption of this fruit. Check out:

1. Prevention of urinary tract infection

Its option in juice is very indicated for the prevention of urinary tract infections (UTI), preventing bacteria from lodging in the bladder. “In addition, the fruit also promotes pain relief and burning, since its juice can reduce urine acidification and microbiota (bacteria) anti-adherence, which we can call a bacteriostatic effect”, he reveals.

2. Supporting weight loss

About 10 grams of this sugar-free fruit has only 46 calories. In addition, it provides the feeling of satiety, helping to lose weight.

3. It is antioxidant

Due to its high content of vitamin C, this fruit has antioxidant power, helping to fight cancer. Countless scientific research still seeks to understand which of its components produces this effect, but its effectiveness has already been proven.

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4. Source of nutrients

This small fruit has in its composition a wide variety of nutrients, among them, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and fiber.

5. Helps fight high blood pressure and strokes

Because it is rich in polyphenols, substances that strengthen our body’s defenses, regular consumption of this fruit reduces the chances of developing a stroke by up to 10% and the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases by up to 15%.

6. Makes the skin more beautiful

The fruit contains collagen in its composition, in addition to the action of antioxidants, which help in the elimination of free radicals, the main responsible for skin aging.

Ways to consume cranberry

According to the nutritionist, the most commonly found forms of this fruit are raw cranberry (the fruit), dehydrated cranberry option, cranberry sauce (usually canned), popular cranberry juice, tea, and powdered options. and capsules. “These last two forms of the product still need to be analyzed, verifying if there are sufficient amounts of the active ingredient, responsible for the benefit of its consumption”, she warns.

cranberry recipes

Another good option to introduce this fruit is to add them to your recipes. For inspiration, check out the following selection of delicious dishes using this ingredient rich in nutrients and benefits:

1. Cranberry and turkey breast risotto: due to its taste that is both sweet and sour, this fruit is a great accompaniment to poultry and sausages. Here, as the author reports, it was ideal to “break” the saltiness presented by the turkey breast.

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2. Cranberry and Basil Beet Salad: To add more flavor and nutrients to this delicious salad, the author moistened dried cranberries with hot water, making them more flavorful and juicy on the palate.

3. Cranberry bread: in this recipe, the fruit is used in its natural, fresh form. This delicious bread has cranberry in its dough accompanied by hazelnuts and dried fruits, resulting in an unparalleled wealth of flavors.

4. Bread cake with chocolate chips, cranberry and orange: in this cake, the author also used orange and cranberry juice to guarantee a counterpoint to the sweet taste of chocolate chips. The result? A balanced cake with a surprising taste.

5. Coconut and cranberry cake: chosen for its sour taste, the cranberry contrasts with the sweet flavor of the coconut used in the dough. In addition to being beautiful and tasty, this cake is still vegan, ideal for those who do not want to consume milk and eggs.

6. Upside down cranberry cake: are you one of those people who “eats with your eyes”? Then you will love this succulent and stylish cake. In addition to being easy, this recipe can be very well accompanied by milk cream beaten with icing sugar, as suggested by the author.

7. Dry Cranberry Muffins: Using the most commonly found version of the fruit, this recipe is quick and easy, without the use of a mixer in its preparation. Ideal for that desire to eat a dessert that comes without waiting.

8. White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies: Yielding approximately 30 cookies, this recipe is another example of how the cranberry flavor combines divinely with sweet ingredients, balancing the dish. Here the oven time must be exactly as per the instructions for the recipe to work.

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9. Yogurt, cranberry and white chocolate scones: ready in approximately 20 minutes, in addition to being quick, this recipe enchants with the look and delicious taste of this dish. Without using biological yeast, the bicarbonate ensures that the dough rises and becomes soft.

Regarding the consumption of this fruit, Samira suggests consumption in the form of juice, since the intake of plenty of liquids is part of the treatment of urinary infection, in addition to its properties that help to fight it. “The ideal is to consume about 500ml daily, when treating this condition, and 300ml daily in the search for its prevention”.

The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and follow-up of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, physical education professionals and other specialists.

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