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Coxinha fit: 13 delicious recipes to eat without guilt

Coxinha fit is a great alternative for those who want to taste a tasty snack in a nutritious way and without leaving the diet. It can be made with cassava dough, sweet potato dough and even just with stuffing. Want to learn how to prepare this delight at home? Then check out the options below:

1. Coxinha fit without dough

If you are looking for a low carb but very delicious option, this is the perfect choice. Also, this recipe is gluten and lactose free. That is, it is perfect for those who need to follow restrictive diets. Check out the video and make this delight!

2. Sweet potato and chicken coxinha fit

Who said healthy recipes have to be complex? This option of coxinha with chicken and sweet potatoes will prove to you that it is possible to taste a very tasty and nutritious savory without having to work. In the video, you can check the complete step by step!

3. Cassava coxinha fit

To make this delight, you will only need cassava, oatmeal, onion, garlic, cilantro and chicken breast. In addition to the short and accessible list of ingredients, the preparation is very simple and fast. Were you curious? Then check out the video to learn how to make this coxinha!

4. Sweet potato coxinha fit

This is another healthy and very appetizing coxinha option. The pasta is made with just boiled sweet potatoes, salt and chia seeds. Very easy, isn’t it? To make the recipe even more delicious, pass the final preparation in flaxseed flour. Check out all the tips and the full step by step in the video!

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5. Fit oat drumstick

To prepare this delicious snack, you will need oat flour, milk, salt, butter, shredded chicken, cottage cheese and breadcrumbs. Through the tutorial in the video you will learn all the steps to make this coxinha at home. Be sure to watch!

6. Low carb fit drumstick

This is another low carb option for you to add to your menu. It doesn’t contain potatoes or white flour, but it’s still incredibly delicious. Want to learn how to do it? Watch the video and be amazed at how easy the process is!

7. Coxinha fit low carb with cream cheese

The list of ingredients for this recipe is not very short, but it is worth investing in all the suggestions so that the coxinha is perfect. In addition to the full description of the preparation, you will check out in the video some amazing tips to make your recipe even tastier. Check out!

8. Sweet potato coxinha with cottage cheese

The preparation of this option is not very different from the previous ones, but an ingredient is added to make the salty even more delicious: the curd! In addition to giving more creaminess, it also adds a touch of flavor to the filling. Watch the video and learn how to prepare this delicious coxinha!

9. Sweet potato coxinha with yam

Unlike most options, the dough in this recipe is made with sweet potatoes, yams, eggs, seasoning and rice flour. Amazing, huh? In addition to delicious, this pasta is very colorful and perfect for serving on special occasions. Check out the full step-by-step in the video.

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10. Roasted sweet potato drumstick

Anyone who thinks that the coxinha needs to be fried to be tasty is wrong. With this tutorial, you will learn how to prepare a roasted option of this salty that is incredibly tasty. Still have doubts? So be sure to watch the video to be surprised!

11. Sweet potato coxinha with chia

Looking for a very easy and nutritious recipe to make in your everyday life? Then check out this delight! You will only need sweet potato, salt, chia, flaxseed meal, chicken, onion, garlic and tomato sauce.

12. Fit cassava drumstick with oatmeal

This is a great option for those who cannot consume gluten. In addition, it is extremely healthy and perfect for those people who want to taste something very tasty without taking the risk of going out of their diet. Check out the full recipe in the video and see how easy it is to prepare this coxinha!

13. Coxinha fit in the Airfryer

If you have an Airfryer at home, take the opportunity to prepare amazing healthy recipes with a lot of flavor. The result is very similar to recipes made the traditional way. Take a look at the full tutorial and be surprised by all the tips!

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