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Coolsculpting: lipo without cuts or pain

What is coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is a non-invasive method for localized fat reduction, such as needle-free liposuction. This is a new technique that provides an alternative to surgical treatments for fat removal.

In this treatment, fat is reduced by cooling the fat cells and it is believed that the person can lose between 20% and 25% of fat in just one session.

How does uncut lipo work?

During the treatment, the device called Zeltiq traps the fat between its panels and then this fat is cooled for an hour. This procedure, called cryoliposis, does not cause any damage to the skin and organs near the treated site, it just gives a slight tingling sensation.

With low temperature, the membrane of fat cells suffers damage that causes its self-destruction. After the treatment, the fat cells are naturally eliminated by the lymphatic system, which is the main differential of coolsculpting.

How long will it take to see coolsculpting results?

Coolsculpting results can be seen six to eight weeks after treatment. It is recommended to wait for this period to verify the final result, but it is also advisable to associate coolsculpting with regular physical exercises and a balanced diet for better results. In addition, a minimum period of 3 months must be allowed between each session.

Maintenance should only be done if you deem it necessary. Once the fats are eliminated, they will only exist in that place again if there is no nutritional education and essential care for the body. Therefore, in cases where the person undergoes treatment and takes care not to have the love handles again, it will not be necessary to do more sessions, which normally cost around R$ 2,500.00 each.

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What parts of the body can coolsculpting be done on?

The main areas treated with coolsculpting are those with localized fat, usually the abdomen, where the unwanted love handles are, but it can also be done on the fat of the back and other parts of the body.

Who is coolsculpting recommended for?

Coolsculpting is not recommended for the treatment of obesity, but for people who are at or close to their ideal weight and who wish to have a more defined contour of their body, eliminating only localized fat.

This treatment is contraindicated for pregnant women, other than that, it poses no health risk. As the elimination of fat occurs slowly, there is no risk of fat accumulation in the liver or an increase in cholesterol levels.

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