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Codfish cake: 14 delicious recipes to prepare and impress friends

Traditional dish of Mediterranean cuisine, the codfish cake is even more popular in Portugal, earning the title of typical dish in the region. Its first official recipe was published in 1904, in a work entitled “Treatise Complete Cooking and Pantry”, by Carlos Bento da Maia.

In this record, only the ingredients used and the way of making it were mentioned, without mentioning the ideal amounts for a more standardized dish, giving room for adaptations and variations according to the personal taste of the person who prepared it.

Also known as codfish pastel, this was also popularized in countries populated by the Portuguese, such as Angola and Brazil, appearing at lunch or serving as a snack at get-togethers.

Its main ingredient, cod, is a fish which has numerous benefits for those who consume it routinely. Among them, the high doses of omega 3, mineral salts, vitamins A, E and D, in addition to having practically zero cholesterol.

Ideal to accompany rice and beans or even served as a snack, bathed in a delicious sauce, the codfish balls are a great choice to enjoy with a white wine or a Pinot Noir, balancing the fat due to frying. Check out a selection of delicious cod cake recipes below and get inspired:

1. Simple cod cake: according to the description of the authors themselves, this recipe is practical, easy and delicious. To prepare it, few ingredients, including boiled potatoes, desalted cod, green smell, in addition to eggs and wheat flour, providing binding to the dough.

2. Breaded cod cake: the differential of this cookie is in the use of breadcrumbs to bread it, giving it crunchiness and more flavor. Special recipe, originating from a bar on the banks of the Douro River, carrying a beautiful family history.

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3. Light codfish cake: to make this dish lighter, yacon potato flour was chosen, due to its reduced amount of calories. In addition to this exchange, there is still a preference for light grated Parmesan cheese and the addition of quinoa flakes, adding nutrients to the snack.

4. Codfish cake with asterix potato: great option to serve to friends, this delicious snack was prepared with Asterix potato, a type with more starch than the traditional potato, eliminating the need to use wheat flour in the preparation of the cookie .

5. Codfish cake with cassava: demonstrating the versatility of this dish, this recipe uses boiled and mashed cassava, instead of the common potato, guaranteeing a fuller texture and unparalleled flavor. The suggestion is to serve them with homemade chili sauce, adding more flavor.

6. Codfish cake and pink pepper jelly: in this recipe, manioc (or cassava) again replaces the use of potatoes. To accompany the snack, you will learn how to prepare a pink pepper jelly, made with pink peppercorns, apples, water, sugar and lemon, taking it to the fire for about 15 minutes. Delicious!

7. Codfish cake with breadfruit: here, the potato is replaced by breadfruit, a fruit of Asian origin, with a drier texture, without needing to add wheat flour to the dough and making the recipe a gluten-free option.

8. Codfish cake with snow white: the unusual ingredient of this recipe is the snow white, which replaces the egg, the dough is mixed, providing binding to the ingredients, leaving the cake softer and with an airy texture.

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9. Cod cake without potatoes: known as pataniscas, this cod cake does not use potatoes in its preparation, using milk, egg and wheat flour to guarantee a base. The chopped chives, salt, garlic and black pepper make it more flavorful.

10. Italian codfish cake: Italian version of the dish, called “Baccalà a Mantecato”. The difference is in the use of cooked parsley mandioquinha as the base of the snack and milk, ingredients not used in the Portuguese version. The author also suggests roasting them instead of frying them, ensuring more health to the dish.

11. Baked codfish cake: another lighter version, it goes in the oven instead of being fried. Here, the breadcrumbs are added to the dough, instead of the wheat flour, making it crunchier and tastier. The ideal point to take the cookies out of the oven is when they start to brown.

12. Practical baked cod cookie: this cookie does not use wheat flour, featuring a gluten-free recipe, ideal for coeliacs or allergy sufferers. To make your preparation even easier, put the dough in disposable molds, avoiding the work of preparing the balls.

13. Baked codfish cake with Portuguese bread: in this version, in addition to the codfish balls being baked, they are also covered with grated Portuguese bread and cabbage crisps, adding beauty, textures and flavor to the dish.

14. Cod cake in a bowl: with a stunning look, this recipe uses the traditional cod cake dough, to which half a box of sour cream was added, seeking to make it more creamy, in addition to being sprinkled with parmesan cheese as a topping. and placed in the oven to brown.

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Variety and versatility are the hallmarks of this cookie. In addition to the suggestions above, it is worth experimenting with tuber substitutions or opting for ingredients in their light version, seeking to make the dish lighter and healthier.

Tips from Portuguese Joaquim Antero for a respectful cookie

Who better to teach this traditional dish than an expert on the subject? In the following video, Joaquim Antero, owner of the Bar do Adonis establishment, where he serves a delicious codfish cake that wins over customers, teaches some tricks for a perfect codfish cake:

  • Tip 1: Use a quality potato. According to him, the best option is the Asterix potato, which is drier, preventing the texture of the dumpling from becoming soggy.
  • Tip 2: Dry the fish well. If necessary, bring it to a boil to ensure that all excess water is removed.
  • Tip 3: leave the oil very hot before adding the dumplings to fry, if the oil is cold at the time the dumplings are placed, they can open.
  • Tip 4: for a tastier cookie, fry it right after its preparation, avoiding freezing, as they will change their flavor.
  • Tip 5: opt for extra virgin olive oil, preferably of Portuguese origin.

Delicious option to enjoy leftovers of cod at any time of the year, the dumpling is ideal to be served as a side dish or as a snack, and can be tasted with a nice sauce or just olive oil, the fact is that this typical Portuguese dish has already been integrated into the our cuisine, providing good times and unparalleled flavor. Try it!

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