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Clover tattoo: meaning and 70 ideas to inspire your tattoo

The clover tattoo is a great idea for those who aspire to good feelings, as it carries with it several positive intentions.

Discover the different meanings that clover can have and be inspired by beautiful tattoos of this delicate and versatile design. You will fall in love!

clover tattoo meaning

When you think of clover, you immediately think of luck, and this is one of the main meanings of this design. However, shamrock also signifies fortune, success, abundance and prosperity.

The three-leaf clover can be the representation of some triad, such as present, past, future or the Holy Trinity. For some, each leaf of the four-leaf clover has a meaning: luck, love, hope and faith, forming an amulet.

There is also a connection of the clover figure with elves and with Irish culture, as it is the symbol chosen by the patron saint of the city of St. Patrick.

70 clover tattoo pictures to be enchanted by this design

That the clover is a tattoo full of meaning, you already know. Now, check out ideas on how to adopt this beautiful design and decide what your clover tattoo will look like:

1. Clover is perfect for a tattoo with your best friend

2. Representing all the good feelings you share

3. Or to register your wish for luck and fortune

4. Your 4-leaf clover can be green and realistic

5. But a black and mini clover is also beautiful

6. Inside the clover there is a galaxy of good things

7. And why it’s such a cool tattoo

8. This darker version of the drawing was amazing

9. A clover formed by hearts and an unforgettable name

10. Or simply the most basic outline of the clover

11. If you and your friends are in four, look what a cool idea!

12. What about this clover?

13. Delicacy is a hallmark of tiny clover tattoos

14. Look at this inspiration, what a treat!

15. You can also innovate and tattoo shamrocks from another angle

16. How about a very vibrant clover?

17. One with lovely details

18. Or a minimalist

19. A geometric clover is also interesting

20. Without losing delicacy

21. With a very thin line, this style is perfect

22. You can get your shamrock tattoo on your arm

23. And leave it with the style you like best

24. It also looks nice on the wrist

25. Where you guarantee discretion

26. It is worth betting on an ornate version

27. Invest in a colored outline

28. Or go with the traditional black line

29. The scratches on the leaves brought more veracity to the drawing

30. While the lines and dots of this version created a more playful air

31. Ever thought of a clover with heart leaves?

32. Or do you prefer something more natural?

33. The shading complemented the texture of the design

34. The clover neck tattoo goes really well

35. Just like in the shoulder

36. A five-leaf clover is even rarer than a four-leaf clover.

37. But the four is already able to guarantee you the luck you want

38. And the three-leaf can also carry a meaning of good vibes

39. Your tattoo can be pretty simple

40. Or a little more elaborate

41. Can bring colors and words to complement its meaning

42. And represent the connection between mother and daughter

43. That clover on the back of the neck was charming

44. But the classic clover design never loses its place

45. Although there are variations

46. ​​And they look beautiful too

47. The clover representing the union between friends

48. And everything they’ve faced together

49. Be small and delicate

50. Or the size of your luck

51. The clover is a super versatile design

52. What a grace

53. And full of personality

54. A mini clover is pure beauty

55. Ideal for romantics

56. Or discreet

57. Be with your friend

58. Or a tattoo of your own

59. Clover is a great idea

60. To bring luck…

61. Love…

62. Hope…

63. Complicity…

64. And other good things!

65. It can be traditional

66. Stylized

67. Or together with other amulets

68. Your clover will look beautiful

69. And bring you a lot of positivity

70. All you have to do is believe!

Are you in love with the clover tattoo? Impossible not to! The clover is full of good meanings and is a versatile and beautiful design, regardless of the details. Make yours now and guarantee your luck!

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