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Cloth absorbent: discover the ecological alternative for your cycle

Have you heard about the cloth absorbent lately? If not, know that this subject has been discussed again. Women of all ages are becoming adept at this type of eco-friendly tampon. We will explain what this item is and answer your questions about how to use it. Keep reading!

What is cloth absorbent?

Unlike conventional absorbents, which are disposable, the cloth absorbent is made with materials that allow its reuse after the menstrual cycle. Made with cloths and materials that absorb liquids, this type of absorbent has the same protection capacity as common models.

6 questions about the use of cloth absorbent

As this topic is still relatively new for many women, we brought up the most common questions regarding the use of cloth pad, also called ecological or reusable pad. Clear your doubts:

Is the cloth absorbent comfortable?

You can be sure that yes, the cloth absorbent is very comfortable. Many women feel uncomfortable with disposable pads made of synthetic materials, which can even cause allergies. However, eco-friendly pads are made with comfortable materials, such as cotton, and are generally hypoallergenic. You won’t even feel like you’re menstruating!

Are cloth pads hygienic?

Unlike conventional pads, this type of pad is super hygienic and allows your skin to breathe. This prevents bacteria and fungi from proliferating, which can cause bad odors and infections.

Cloth absorbent leaks?

The way in which the absorbent is used will determine whether or not leakage will occur. If you follow the recommendations, understand your flow, and make the changes on time, there will be no leaks. If you’re worried about the fact that it’s made of cloth, don’t worry: the pads are made with 3 layers that prevent blood from leaking.

Is there any kind of odor?

The characteristic odor generated during menstruation is caused by the contact of blood with the air and with the chemicals present in disposable pads. In the case of the cloth absorbent, there is no contact with the air and no chemicals, so there are no odors either.

Are there different models of absorbent?

Yes, cloth pads come in a variety of sizes – each suitable for a different type of flow. On the internet, you can find models of different types, sizes, colors and shapes: just choose the ones that best suit your needs!

How long does a cloth absorbent last?

The durability of the pad will depend on how many times you use it. If you have more than one and rotate between pads, they can last for more than 3 years. After that period, they may lose effectiveness and no longer work 100%.

Now, you already have more knowledge about how the reusable pad works and you can put aside those myths and unreal stories. Starting to use these pads can be a huge step for those who are only used to the old one: give yourself a chance and find out through your own experience if it’s worth it for you.

How to wash cloth absorbent

What makes cloth absorbents completely different from conventional ones is the fact that they can be washed. Therefore, care with washing is very important, because it implies the durability and hygiene of your product. See the step-by-step guide and learn how to wash your ecological pad:

  • Store used pad in a clean place, preferably in a waterproof bag;
  • Soak the absorbent for at least 30 minutes in cold water (with or without soap);
  • Wash by hand or in a washing machine, following the manufacturer’s recommendation;
  • Dry in the sun (antibacterial action) or in a tumble dryer at low temperature.

By following these steps to the letter, you will make the pad have a longer shelf life, in addition to ensuring its hygiene. A precious tip is to remove excess liquid before leaving it to soak, to avoid bad odors and stains.

Precautions for using the cloth absorbent

So far, there are no studies or professionals that contraindicate the use of cloth absorbents, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful when using them. Always be aware of any itching, redness or reaction after using the tampon. To avoid any problems, give preference to hypoallergenic ones: that way, you can’t go wrong!

Where to buy cloth absorbent

It is now much easier to find reusable pads. Several stores on the internet have made this product available and several companies (many founded by women) are manufacturing different models. The market has expanded a lot, making this type of absorbent more accessible.

Check out 5 online stores where you can buy your tampon: Inciclo, Korui, Veg.In, Dermabox and Beleza do Campo.

Learn more about cloth absorbent

Want to understand more about cloth absorbent and, who knows, even make your own? So, check out the videos we separate on the topic. From the experience and reports of other women, you will better understand how they work and you can join the ecological wave by making your own tampon. Look that:

Leave the tampon myth aside

For many, this topic is still a big taboo, but times have changed and we are already able to deal with this type of item with more lightness and understanding. Youtuber Larissa Vaiano explains about the cloth absorbent in a simple and very direct way. Check it out and open your mind!

Discover a new option for those days

Other people’s experience always helps us make decisions, doesn’t it? Therefore, Ju Rangel told in detail the experience she had with the cloth absorbent, talking about whether or not this new tool that emerged to help us in those days was worth it.

Change your conventional absorbent

Who better to talk about alternative things in life than Bela Gil? In this video, she convinces you in a unique way: you can change your conventional tampon for a reusable, nature-friendly tampon.

Get your hands dirty and make your own

How about making your own ecological absorbent? This video teaches step by step how to make your own cloth absorbent. Do what makes you most comfortable and fits your needs. It will be a totally different and enriching experience!

Complete the sustainability cycle

The channel Vida Em Essência by Lucy created a really cool tutorial on how you can make your own ecological tampon. Why not go full cycle and be sustainable from start to finish? Discover new skills and help the environment a lot.

Cloth absorbents are a great alternative for those who want to leave the conventional ones and help the environment. You don’t have to make the switch all at once: if you don’t feel comfortable, do it gradually and test how you will react to this new way of living the menstrual cycle. Also know other alternatives, such as the menstrual cup.

With Knowledge Comes Wisdom

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