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Clear all doubts about eyebrow design

Eyebrows give a special touch to our look, and when done well, they can help improve self-esteem. That’s why we invited the designer and pigmentation artist Nádia Farias to answer any questions about eyebrow design.

What is eyebrow design?

According to Nádia, “eyebrow design is a technique that has the function of drawing and harmonizing each eyebrow so that it matches the person’s face”. In other words, this technique transforms the look, organizes the messy and thin strands and gives shape to this important part of the feminine and masculine aesthetics.

5 types of eyebrow design

There are several eyebrow design techniques, which are best known by professionals in the field. Therefore, we consulted our guest to talk about the main procedures.

  • Thread by thread technique: thread by thread is also known as microblading and is one of the well-known micropigmentation procedures. It leaves a more natural look to the wires and just reshapes the eyebrow;
  • Henna technique: when eyebrow design is performed with henna, the result is not as long-lasting as with micropigmentation. The duration is 10 days, however, the design is made to lift the eye and make it more expressive;
  • Ombré Shadow Technique: in this method, the professional will use two colors to make a gradient and leave the eyebrow with a natural tone. It is smoky and very long-lasting;
  • Geometric mapping technique: this procedure, also called face frame, is one in which the designer traces the upper part of the face to help with the drawing;
  • Brow Lamination Technique: This technique aims to make the wires thicker and fuller, through the marked smokey. For some people, this technique is ideal.

But it is worth noting that the professional who works as an eyebrows designer is the best person to indicate the ideal technique for your client profile. So look for someone who gives you confidence to make this transformation.

eyebrow design questions and answers

Undoubtedly, this procedure brings many benefits, such as a more beautiful look. However, it is essential that you know a little about this subject before looking for a professional. In fact, Nádia still answered some curiosities for those who are going to do their first eyebrow design.

1. What is the duration?: “The average time varies according to each eyebrow, each face shape. But the average time is 20 to 30 minutes.”

2. Does it correct imperfections?: “The eyebrow design does not correct imperfections. However, he harmonizes and corrects the design”.

3. What is the average price?: “The average price can also vary between R$15 and R$50, depending on the place. If it’s henna, the price ranges from R$25 to R$75. Micropigmentation costs more than R$200”.

4. What is the healing time?: if the client opts for eyebrow design through micropigmentation, the healing time is a maximum of 15 days”.

5. Are there any contraindications?: “yes. People who are diabetic and who have keloids cannot perform this procedure.”

We already know that eyebrow design can vary from person to person, and highlight the most beautiful features of the face. She is a kind of makeup and has the power to increase self-esteem and self-confidence.

How eyebrow design is done

Now, if you’re curious to know how eyebrow design works, check out some videos we’ve separated below. Surely you will understand the processes better until you get the dream drawing.

Eyebrow design step by step

Want to see an eyebrow design tutorial? Discover in this video a technique used to improve the arching of the eyebrows and make the look more marked.

Thread by thread experience

Are you curious to know more about this technique? So here’s how the wire-to-wire design works and the final result.

how to apply henna

The henna eyebrow is one of the darlings of many women. So, check here how your application occurs.

Did you like the information about eyebrow design? So here are some micropigmentation care and tips you will need to know to keep your design.

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