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Christmas crafts: 100 ideas to decorate, gift or sell

Whether to decorate, gift or even sell, Christmas crafts are a great option to save at the end of the year and, at the same time, feed creativity with the making of beautiful pieces. There are several options such as garlands, tree ornaments, frames, dolls and more!

Check out a selection of dozens of Christmas craft ideas here, as well as super easy tutorials that will help you in the production of your pieces.

How to make Christmas crafts

Using different materials, such as felt and EVA, you can produce beautiful pieces in your home, and best of all: without spending a lot. Check out some Christmas craft tutorials and get to work:

Felt heart wreath

How about leaving your Christmas with an extra touch of love? Here, you will learn how to make a Christmas wreath with several hearts made of felt. The result is passionate, and you can place it on your front door or even give it as a gift to someone you love.

EVA Christmas ornaments

Using EVA of different colors, a mold with drawings of your choice, a CD and other materials, you can make charming Christmas ornaments to decorate your tree. Check out all the tips in the video and let your imagination flow.

fabric Christmas tree

How about replacing the traditional Christmas tree with one made of fabric? Here, you can find amazing tips to prepare this piece at home, making it layer by layer to assemble the tree. Choose the fabrics that you like the most and, of course, with a lot of Christmas face.

Christmas balls for tree

With this tutorial, you will learn how to make beautiful EVA Christmas balls to make your tree more beautiful and decorated with your style. It’s super easy to make and the materials are cheap.

Crochet Santa Claus Centerpiece

For crochet fans, using this technique to make beautiful pieces is a great choice. Here, the tips are for making a beautiful Santa Claus centerpiece. This is the perfect option for gifting.

Decorated glass bottles

Christmas crafts, in addition to yielding beautiful decorative objects, are also a great way to recycle materials that are no longer used. This is the case with these beautiful Christmas glass bottles that will make your home even more beautiful. Check out the step-by-step guide – which, by the way, is very simple.

rustic Christmas tree

Another option to replace the traditional Christmas tree, but here with rustic pieces. In one of the pieces, you will use popsicle sticks. In the other, string. The step by step is very easy and the result will surprise you!

See how easy it is to prepare amazing pieces with Christmas crafts? Just have a little patience and use your creativity to create unique objects.

100 Christmas craft ideas to make your pieces

From small ornaments to elaborate garlands, Christmas crafts allow you to create unique, charming pieces with your own style. Check out some ideas to decorate your home, sell or even give as a gift to loved ones:

1. A unique candle holder to light up your home

2. Use cross stitch or even colored markers to make drawings

3. And cutouts to create traditional Christmas characters

4. Embroidered props are also great options

5. Embroidered pieces are delicate

6. Unique

7. And perfect for gifting

8. Don’t forget to include Christmas characters in your plays

9. Charming fabric owls to make your tree colorful

10. Leave the traditional Christmas trees aside

11. And create beautiful pieces made with fabric

12. Use and abuse of Christmas colors

13. Make felt dolls for a fun decoration

14. Yo-yos are easy to make and can complement any object

15. Also bet on embroidered cushion covers

16. Crochet trees are delicate and charming

17. Just like these little dolls

18. Speaking of crochet, the technique yields beautiful results

19. Like this beautiful couple Noel

20. You can create small decorative props

21. Or stately garlands to hang on your door

22. Santa Claus is a character that cannot be missing from your Christmas

23. Hang small bells from the tips of the tree’s branches

24. With pieces of wood and different paints, it is possible to create beautiful compositions

25. Look how charming this cachepot made with knitted yarn

26. You can create comics

27. Puppets

28. In addition to being able to use various techniques, such as string art

29. By the way, this craft technique yields beautiful results

30. Just use your creativity and be patient

31. Use different ornaments to make a beautiful garland

32. Your Christmas tree could be in a beautiful frame this year

33. Look what a beautiful idea to gift someone dear

34. Recycle by decorating used bottles

35. The dove brings peace to your home and keeps the Christmas spirit alive

36. Using string and glue, you can create beautiful snowmen

37. Use felt to make a very Brazilian Santa Claus

38. Napkin holders are beautiful, both for decorating your supper

39. How much to gift someone you love

40. Don’t forget the crib!

41. How about this moon-shaped Santa Claus?

42. Make beautiful garlands to sell and get extra at the end of the month

43. Using EVA you can create beautiful dolls

44. Like Santa Claus and His Friend, Snowman

45. Look how charming these Christmas boots are

46. ​​They would look beautiful in the tree together with this little Santa

47. Make mini-comics as a souvenir for your supper guests

48. Which can be made in MDF

49. Dish towels are simple options

50. But lovely!

51. This Santa Claus can be added to some other piece or hung on the tree

52. Christmas stockings are easy to make

53. And they can take the names of the residents of the house

54. Biscuit pieces are also beautiful

55. And allow creation in different formats

56. Like stars

57. Or even an entire crib

58. Flowers can also be part of your Christmas

59. Just don’t forget the gifts!

60. Make small socks to fill with goodies

61. And add a Christmas touch to every room in your house

62. Mainly at the gateway

63. The nativity scene can be made of wood

64. Felt

65. Or in crochet

66. Whatever the technique, the result will be successful

67. How about making dolls for the whole family?

68. All gathered to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus

69. With simple and cheap materials

70. You can create delicate decorations for your decor

71. It is also possible to make Christmas decorations even without the traditional colors

72. Handmade pieces have even more meaning

73. Encourage your children to create homemade cards

74. Look how charming this piece made with wood and crochet

75. With creativity, you can turn any material into a work of art

76. Create tree ornaments using pieces of wood, string and markers

77. Use and abuse of collages

78. Kids will love these M&M-filled Christmas balls

79. The little ones can also get on the Christmas craft wave

80. Charming tree made with string and polka dots

81. Using only paper, it is possible to prepare beautiful decorations

82. Create beautiful gifts designed by you

83. Knitting is also a very popular technique

84. And that yields beautiful decorative objects

85. Colorful and cheerful

86. Perfect for hanging on doors

87. Or to decorate the table

88. Add color and joy with Christmas characters

89. Who are dear to children and adults

90. Crochet pieces are amazing

91. And they will surprise everyone in your house

92. Look how charming these mini garlands are

93. Just like this beautiful panettone holder

94. The Christmas craft options are endless

95. And they go from simpler pieces

96. Even the most elaborate

97. The important thing is to have patience

98. And let the creativity flow

99. In order to create beautiful pieces to decorate your home

100. Or to gift the ones you love!

Did you see how many beautiful and easy ideas to make? Now, all you have to do is choose the piece you want to create and get your hands dirty. Remember to put a lot of love in your work, as this will make a difference to make the piece even more special and with that Christmas touch.

Get inspired by more amazing Christmas decoration ideas to make your home even more beautiful.

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