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Chocolate mousse cake: 16 recipes that unite two great desserts

Imagine the following dish: all the flavor of a chocolate cake and the light, velvety texture of a good mousse. It is possible to unite these two desserts in a single option: the chocolate mousse cake. Whether in a dough with the characteristic texture of the mousse or mixing the two desserts, it is possible to create options full of flavor.

Prepared with pure chocolate or with side dishes for an extra flavor, this option will delight anyone who tastes it. How about learning how to make this delicious mixture? Check out a selection of 17 recipe options that will make your mouth water.

Simple chocolate mousse cake recipes

1. Simple chocolate mousse cake: made with just four ingredients, this cake needs only 23 minutes in the oven to guarantee a crispy crust and light, creamy interior. Great alternative for celiacs, as it does not use flour in its preparation.

2. Chocolate mousse cake with fondant: with a breathtaking look, when cut, this cake has three layers: chocolate cake base, mousse filling and cocoa powder fondant frosting.

3. Chocolate mousse cake with powdered milk: powdered milk lovers also have a chance. Assembled in two layers, its creamy cake base is accompanied by a layer of powdered milk mousse. The view is devastating.

4. Chocolate mousse cake for confectionery: with gourmet airs, this cake could be displayed in the window of a famous confectionery store. In addition to the chocolate dough, it is filled with a mousse that uses apricot in its preparation. To decorate, chocolate chips.

5. Chocolate mousse cake with cherry: another option in which the chocolate mousse is used as a filling for the cake, here this element still wins the company of cherries, increasing its flavor. To top it off, whipped cream and fresh fruit.

6. Brigadeiro mousse cake: this version can be prepared on special occasions, such as birthdays. With a beautiful look, this chocolate cake is filled with brigadeiro mousse, made with cream, condensed milk, whipped cream, powdered chocolate and semisweet chocolate.

7. Chocolate, strawberry and ganache mousse cake: while the layers of the cake are made with classic sponge cake moistened with a vanilla syrup, these are joined by chocolate mousse, in addition to being covered with chocolate ganache and wrapped strawberries. in chocolate.

8. White and black chocolate mousse cake: lots of flavor with a beautiful montage to see: chocolate dough interspersed with white chocolate mousse, white dough and chocolate mousse. Cover the mixture with mousse and chopped white and dark chocolate.

Special chocolate mousse cake recipes

9. Chocolate mousse cake with marshmallow brûlée: made in three layers, its base consists of an extremely fluffy chocolate cake dough. Just above, the ganache mousse with a touch of cognac ensures creaminess to the dish. Finally, a tasty brûlée.

10. Birthday chocolate mousse cake: another delicious option to celebrate the birthday of a loved one, this cake made entirely of chocolate is filled with mousse of the same flavor. When assembling, it’s worth innovating by using tablets of your favorite chocolate around the cake.

11. Neapolitan mousse cake: nothing better than combining the flavor of chocolate with strawberry and cream, the famous Neapolitan dessert. Made in stages, it has a chocolate cake base and layers of white chocolate mousse, cherry mousse and chocolate ganache frosting.

12. Chocolate mousse cake with basil syrup: despite seeming unusual, this mixture surprises in taste. The assembly follows the following order: sponge cake, hazelnut praline and chocolate mousse. When serving, just add the basil and ginger syrup.

13. Truffled chocolate mousse cake: simple, practical and quick: all the ideal qualities for when you want to eat sweets. Made with just three ingredients, it only takes 15 minutes for this wonder to be ready.

14. Ovaltine mousse cake: made in two shapes of the same size, the dough uses ingredients such as eggs, sugar, wheat flour, cocoa powder, water, emulsifier and yeast. The mousse has ovaltine, an ingredient rich in flavor and with a differentiated texture.

15. White chocolate mousse cake with ice cream: option for those who prefer white chocolate instead of milk, this layered lemon cake has a filling alternating white chocolate mousse and strawberry ice cream, in addition to whipped cream topping.

16. Iced chocolate mousse cake with whipped cream: served cold, here the base of the cake uses powdered chocolate for its preparation. The filling is made with a mousse made with powdered chocolate and condensed milk. Finally, a chocolate whipped cream topping.

How about making these recipes and calling friends or family to taste it together? It’s sure to be just compliments. Try your favorite version now!

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