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Children of Oxaguian in love: know what they are like and other characteristics!

Umbanda is a religion rich in culture and, when crossed with Candomblé, different orixás are worshiped and valued. Oxaguian, for example, is the hopeful father of all and is always associated with themes involving spirituality, hope, strength and God.

Considered a young hope for being the son of Oxalufan, Oxaguian is always in white and values ​​benevolence towards his children. In the images, he is strong and brave, holding shields, swords and polvarim in his arms.

The children of this orixá have characteristics such as freedom, dedication, kindness, good humor, magnetism and charisma. They are intelligent, talkative, vigilantes and always stand out for wanting to help others. To understand more about this orisha and the characteristics, keep reading the article!

To enter the world of Umbanda, it is necessary to understand the history and origin of the Orisha Oxaguian, the son of Olorum. Being the oldest Orisha, he has the responsibility of creating the world and supervising those who enter creation.

Like the other Orishas, ​​Oxaguian values ​​strength in overcoming challenges and is a warrior. To encourage his children to deal with adversity, he is encouraging and proactive, as well as being motivated and serene in the fighting spirit.

This Orisha is also known as Ajagunã, meaning the conflict that predicts peace, therefore it has the aura of revolution and transformations. Oxaguian calls for change in life, and spreads dynamism in the lives of his children and worshippers. To know more, keep reading the article and know the important features!

To understand the origin of Oxaguian, you need to understand the qualities of the orishas. In religions, it is common for orishas to be multiple and transform with different energies. As an example, Oxaguian is one of the qualities of Oxalá, the most famous orixá.

According to legend, Oxaguian was born as Kabiyesi and began his journey, conquering the kingdom of Ejibô, Nigeria, with determination. There, he mainly ate yams, and created the famous pestle to differentiate the food.

For this reason, the name Oxaguian is related to yam, meaning ”orixá that eats piled yams”. In history, the kingdom only became prosperous after Oxaguian’s attitude of offering animal gods like fish, chickens, goats, mice and snails.

To better understand Oxaguian’s strength, it’s important to know the history of the orisha. Being a quality of Oxalá, Oxaguian is a force of nature, a warrior represented through courage and courage.

In the history of Yoruba mythology, he is the son of Oxalufan and lives in the temple of Ejjbó, the main state of the orixá Oxum, where he is the king. In the legend of the orixás, it is said that Oxaguian arrived in Egijbó and dominated it, accompanied by his friend Auolejê.

One of the remembered characteristics of this divinity is the fact that he was passionate about pounded yam, Oxaguian became Elejibó, still in the kingdom of Ejibó, where he was king, and ate a lot, always refusing other foods. The name itself means “Yam-eating Orisha” and he began to be called that by others.

In candomblé and umbanda images, Oxaguian is visualized as a powerful and beautiful young king. Warrior, he embodies a figure of faith and perseverance.

In his hands, the shield and sword can often be seen. In addition, there is the flame polvarim and the pestle hand. As he likes to eat yams, the pestle always accompanies him.

With white clothes and a shiny mask, it is possible to visualize Oxaguian illuminated in the figures and always showing courage. Often, the warrior is prepared to fight with swords in hand.

Oxaguian is a quality of Oxalá, representative to encourage your children to have strength and faith. He aims at transformations in the future and values ​​a complete revolution, he is a warrior so he fights to conquer peace.

Distancing himself from superficiality, Oxaguian seeks to delve into different themes to precede peace. He is the key to knowledge and progress, using war to follow and encourage the population to free themselves.

For the new to come true, Oxaguian guides his children to leave the past behind, and the lesson is always valuable and constructive.

Many people wonder if there is a difference between the sons and daughters of Oxaguian. The answer is yes, as characteristics are displayed differently between men and women.

In the case, it is possible that men are more stubborn and intense – loving quarrel and communication. While women, because they connect with the justice and calmness of the Orisha, seem to be more complete and attached to the family.

In reality, Oxaguian’s characteristics end up falling into controversy, since in one arm he carries the sword (strength) while in the other, the pestle.

In love, the male children of the Orisha Oxaguian must be careful with intensity and haste. By connecting with sword and shield, men can put their feet under their hands and want different accomplishments at the same time.

To calm his children, Oxaguian motivates the spirit of struggle for love, but he also likes a quiet romance. Men will always be getting involved with someone,

Therefore, pay attention to acts of impulsiveness, but never give up relating to the one you love. Love is a key point for the children of the Oxaguian orixá, who always believe that there is beauty and positivity in the future.

Sensuality is one of the main gifts of the male children of the Orisha Oxaguian, as it is through it that they conquer their and their suitors. With Oxaguian’s feisty and brave energy, it’s common for children to squander the same courage and consequently magnetism.

Therefore, they are considered sensual people and are always surrounded by love and romance. If you are a child of this orixá, it’s time to take advantage of the positive endowments and use sensuality to improve self-esteem and explore sexuality in the best way.

A characteristic of the sons of the Orisha Oxaguian is the active bearing, an arrogance recognized as that king and that is related to pride and even self-centeredness. As a young and warrior king, Oxaguian is a monarch and can be considered superb.

This characteristic is passed on to their children who, in addition to not running away from the fight, men can have a high ego and believe a lot in themselves. That way, if you are the son of Oxaguian, it’s time to guide your self-confidence for good and not fall into arrogance or stubbornness.

As a continuation of sensuality, Oxaguian’s male children are coveted by women and considered romantic and active people.

With a sensual and communicative side, they are conquerors and end up attracting the attention of girls due to their magnetism. It’s easy to recognize a son of Oxaguian – they are always surrounded by potential suitors and don’t usually hide this reality.

Therefore, although it is fun to have a steady romance, know that this son will not miss the opportunity with other women, because being coveted is also important for the ego.

Young Oxaguian was an active, presumptuous and brave warrior. Although such characteristics last for their children, they don’t like adventures like the Orisha used to.

This occurs due to the need for stability and support that the male children of Oxaguian need, because, even if they are always on the move, they do it to conquer a better reality in love — and this reality is always linked to security.

They are safe and protective people, so they prefer to distance themselves from unpredictable news and pure adrenaline. They like surprises, but will choose to stay clear of chaos in love.

In love, it is common for the children of the Oxaguian orixá to be jealous and have an extreme fear of losing their loved one.

With the guerrilla and brave characteristic, they can become insecure and afraid of abandonment. Therefore, they will not like extreme freedom in the relationship or anything unpredictable.

Jealousy is a way to control the situation, and Oxaguian’s children are very controlling when it comes to those they love. Know how to deal with the jealous side of the loved one, but don’t let him take over the situation.

Oxaguian’s male children have no difficulty being vulnerable, and in reality, this is a characteristic that makes them more attractive than other children.

Vulnerability is a gift for few, because especially in men’s lives, it doesn’t usually appear in abundance. In addition to sensuality, it is the sensitive and altruistic side that will conquer women.

Men, sons of Oxaguian, stand out for being real and for deepening their feelings. They must by no means overlook the most vulnerable features.

With sensuality, vulnerability and because they are always surrounded by women, Oxaguian’s male children can indeed be unfaithful.

Infidelity is the result of these people’s high communication, in addition, of course, the desire to be loved and coveted by many women. In many cases, just a monotonous relationship is not enough for them.

So they end up looking for sex and love elsewhere, but they also don’t feel emotionally fulfilled and enough. It is time, therefore, to deal with one’s own weaknesses and not to be carried away by infidelity.

Now that you’ve understood the main characteristics of male children, it’s time to learn more about the female daughters of Orisha Oxaguian in love.

If you are the daughter of Oxaguian, you should hear from people that you are magnetic and draw a lot of attention wherever you go. This is due to the connection with the Orisha, a very emblematic young king.

The women daughters of Oxaguian are genius, communicative, independent and always cherish freedom. In love, they don’t like to beat around the bush and are in constant search of evolution and love, and to better understand this pattern, keep reading the article!

When related to sensuality, the women daughters of the Orisha Oxaguian stand out a lot in love. They can be considered sensual, charming and strong personality people by their partners.

If the more sensual and free side is cultivated, these women never stop and are always in constant transformation in love. Sexuality can be a differentiating factor and they go in search of partners who can satisfy them in the best way.

So, take advantage of sensuality to build self-confidence and become the most powerful and…

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