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Check out sympathies to ward off betrayal and keep your relationship safe

Maintaining a healthy relationship is not an easy task. It requires a lot of effort, dedication and conversations, and not always all of this will be enough. Strange partner behaviors often end up causing insecurities. To not worry about the infidelity of the other, check out some sympathies to ward off betrayal.

Don’t forget that trust and sincerity are the basis of any commitment. If you are suspicious of something, talk to your loved one and try to resolve it in a friendly way. But you can also count on the help of mysticism to solve this problem, learn how!

Spells to ward off betrayal

1) Write the Our Father on a white paper and, below, the name of your love. Fold the paper seven times and place it inside a red bag, keeping your romance away from betrayals. Carry the patuá inside your wallet or purse for as long as you want.

2) On the eve of your wedding, separate two white shirt buttons and sew them together. Think that your fiancé will never have another person and that happiness will be a constant in your union. Press the buttons with the index finger and thumb of your right hand, while saying the words: “abaê, abaê, abaê, eia, eia, eia, shalom, shalom, shalom”. Then throw the buttons in the trash. Your marriage will always be protected and you will not suffer from betrayals.

3) On the first night of the Waning Moon, pass your hands over any of your loved one’s clothes and make the sign of the cross, while praying three Our Fathers. Then, put a handful of coarse salt on the piece, asking your devotional saint to ward off betrayals. Wash clothes, let dry and return to the ones you love. Never tell anyone about sympathy.

4) On a Sunday, as soon as you wake up, hold a wooden figa with your right hand and repeat with faith: “as I squeeze this object, I squeeze the heart of (say the name of the pair) so that he only has eyes for me and love me with all your might.” Say an Our Father, a Hail Mary and put the figa in your underwear drawer.

5) Buy a figa and a golden chain. Put the pendant on the chain and attend a mass holding the objects in your right hand. When you’re done, just dip the fig in the holy water and make the sign of the cross. Put the jewel around your neck and mentalize: “this will be my shield against betrayal. With it, my love life will be protected and I will be eternally happy!”.

6) Light three white candles on a saucer. When they have finished burning, say, “As the candles were burned, so were all forms of my beloved’s interest in someone else eliminated. Amen!” Make the sign of the cross and bury the remains in a flowered vase. The saucer, after washing, can be used as usual.

7) Buy a snapdragon plant. In the soil of the vase, place a note with your name and the name of the couple and the phrase: “I (write your name) want (write his name) to love me eternally and never to betray me”. Always water the plant, which will grow ensuring eternal love and fidelity to your relationship.

8) On a Saturday between 6 am and 9 am, you should make a bouquet with fresh rue twigs, arnica and three red carnations. On a purple ribbon, write the name of the loved one. Tie three knots and a bow on the bouquet and say, “you are safe and happy with me, you don’t need other arms to give you shelter”. Repeat for seven times. Raise the bouquet to the sky, show it to the waning moon and repeat three times: “accept heavenly elder, this bouquet I offer you, protect me from betrayal, give my love your appreciation”. Store in a shoebox wrapped in purple cloth. After three months, burn everything and throw the ashes to the wind. Wash your hands well after contact with rue, as it is toxic.

9) Light a green candle, on a saucer, and say the following sentence: “dear angel friend Mihael, protector of couples, I ask from the bottom of my heart that the love between me and (say the name of the loved one) be strengthened every moment. May no temptation befall either of us.” When the candle has finished burning, throw the leftovers in the trash. Wash and use the saucer as usual.

Sympathy to never betray again

On a Monday, write a Hail Mary on a piece of pink paper. On Tuesday, write an Our Father on blue paper. Fold the two papers and pray with faith, asking God that your partner doesn’t cheat anymore. Always carry the papers with you, in your purse or wallet, for as long as you feel necessary.

Spells to ward off betrayal and keep the lover away

1) In the center of a white handkerchief, write the lover’s name with black pen. Sprinkle it with black pepper powder, sprinkle half a glass of fine salt and, on top, pour three tablespoons of vinegar. Tie the handkerchief in a knot and hold this bag under an open faucet, saying: “as this salt is dissolving, the vinegar is sour and the pepper is heating up your name, let any connection between (say your partner’s name and of the mistress)”. When there’s nothing left in the tissue, throw it in the trash.

2) On a Friday, go to your best friend’s house and ask her to say: “friend, may your guardian angel free you from any betrayal”. Go home and light a white candle on a saucer. When the candle has finished burning, throw the remains in the trash. The saucer, after washing, can be used normally.

Now that you know the best spells to ward off betrayal, just use them or send them to a friend who may need them.

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