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Charcoal hair: 30 reasons you should love this hair color

Hair coloring trends change from time to time, but some even stand out, either because of the different look or the boldness and innovation seen in the hair strands.

The varied options range from the traditional locks, the blorange hair with a beautiful pink tone, the counted locks, used to brighten the face, to the bold holographic hair and of varied colors, adding beauty and personality to the look.

In addition to these trends, a new color has been gaining fans around the world: charcoal. In this coloring, the hair gains a grayish color, referring to charcoal, as well as the translation of its name. The color can appear throughout the hair or lighten along the strands, using the ombré technique.

For the gray tone to fix correctly on the wires, it is necessary that they are discolored as much as possible, and it is recommended to carry out this procedure in a specialized establishment, to avoid damage to the wires. Gray tones tend to fade quickly, needing topping up every 15 or 20 days and toning once a month.

Among the necessary care, it is recommended to reconstruct the hair fiber, since this procedure, as well as any type of discoloration or toning, results in more fragile and sensitive wires. Avoiding baths with very hot water and using specific shampoos for dyed hair can help maintain color for longer. Check out some examples of hair using this coloring trend below and prove all its beauty:

1. Charcoal hair looks great on naturally curly hair

2. But the straight strands are also devastating with the color

3. The tone is great for playing with accessories

4.It looks beautiful adorned with delicate accessories, such as flowers

5. The shorts gain even more prominence

6. Medium length hair can also use the technique

7. For a more discreet look, bet on black undertones

8. Here the darkest tone was at the ends and the lightest at the roots of the hair

9. And why not a brown undertone?

10. How about a short fringe to go with it?

11. If you add curls with a curling iron, the nuances are highlighted

12. When it grows and the roots appear, it has a wonderful gradient

13. But the dark gray touches can only appear on the ends

14. Definitely, the color values ​​all skin tones

15. It has no usage restrictions

16. And it leaves the look with much more personality

17. It’s worth wearing your hair up…

18. Or let go!

19. Turns out to be a good way to hide gray hairs

20. The mix of tones ensures more movement to the wires

21. Choosing a lighter undertone creates a brighter look

22. It is worth betting on light ends and dark roots

23. The messy look guarantees relaxation

24. Any hairstyle comes to life with the color gradient

25. Look at that harmony between the colors!

26. But dyeing all your hair has its charm too

27. It is especially charming on those who have voluminous hair

28. But the thinnest strands are not far behind in terms of beauty

29. The truth is that this style is able to please everyone

30. Want to test the color?

No matter the style or personal taste, if you love a differentiated hair trend full of attitude, charcoal hair is the ideal option for you. Just decide on the intensity of the gray tone to be applied and rock this technique that brings together discretion and style in a single color.

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