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Celebrities without makeup: 50 photos to convince you to leave with a clean face

We often see the need to cover the face with makeup to hide some points that we don’t like, but know that our beauty does not depend on the products. Although we like to produce ourselves, not using make-up is an initiative full of attitude and confidence!

Everyone has imperfections and even celebrities who seem to have unattainable beauty have dark circles, freckles and other spots that we usually prefer to hide. Some of them dispense with the use of makeup and prove that we are beautiful with all our unique features, in addition to being independent of “beauty products”.

Check out 50 photos of celebrities who pride themselves on looking clean and get inspired.

1. National actresses, such as Tais Araújo, are independent of makeup to be beautiful

2. Just like Camila Pitanga

3. Giovanna Antonelli posts pictures without make-up without any problem

4. Actress Bruna Linzmeyer also dispenses with the use of products in everyday life

5. And they’re all still beautiful and super confident!

6. Leandra Leal is always connected to social movements and generally dispenses with the use of makeup

7. In the same way as Thaila Ayala

8. And Grazi Massafera, proud of her natural features

9. International actresses also love to squander their beauty

10. Drew Barrymore has no problem leaving with a clean face

11. Zoe Saldana proves that we are still beautiful regardless of beauty products

12. Even Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Skips Makeup And Still A Knockout

13. Lily Collins highlights the striking features without make-up

14. Latin actress Gina Rodriguez possesses a charming beauty

15. Jessica Alba proves that not wearing makeup is practical

16. And Brie Larson needs no comment about her friendliness and natural beauty

17. Penelope Cruz doesn’t mind leaving some sardines on display

18. Much less Marina Ruy Barbosa, with all its natural beauty

19. Glee’s Lea Michele, too, loves to go on vacation without makeup and worry-free

20. Like Leighton Meester, charming and eternal from Gossip Girl

21. Jessica Biel is a show with and without makeup

22. Of course, pop singers couldn’t be left out

23. In addition to the extraordinary voice, Adele is wonderful without all the production

24. Taylor Swift looks younger without the products

25. With an attitude like Beyoncé, who needs makeup?

26. Katy Perry doesn’t care about taking selfies without make-up

27. And the eternal princess of pop, Britney Spears, also rocks without being produced

28. Singer Alicia Keys often dispenses with the use of makeup

29. Demi Lovato is beautiful and radiant with a clean face

30. And Mariah Carey doesn’t lose her pose even when she’s without makeup

31. Shakira loves to enjoy family moments without being all dressed up

32. And Gwen Stefani, known for her red lipstick, looks amazing without makeup

33. Rihanna, stunning in every way, is super beautiful without make-up

34. The national pop singers also have their moments without production

35. Like Preta Gil, wonderful and clean-faced

36. And Ivete Sangalo, who besides being nice, is beautiful all natural

37. TV presenters also rock without makeup

38. Like Fernanda Gentil, all smiling and confident!

39. Sophia Abrahão is a singer, actress and presenter and has no problem posting pictures without make-up

40. Just like Giovanna Ewbank

41. And Zendaya, who rocks fashion and movies and has no problem going out without makeup

42. Top models also rock without being produced

43. Like Heidi Klum

44. And Tyra Banks, wonderful and clean-faced

45. Naomi Campbell, runway and fashion icon, is a naturally stunning

46. ​​Cara Delevigne, all friendly, is beautiful without make-up

47. And models from Brazil could not be missing, like Isabeli Fontana

48. And Adriana Lima, who is a success in the fashion shows and beautiful in a natural way

49. Alessandra Ambrosio squanders her beauty without being all dressed up

50. And there’s nothing to say about Gisele Bündchen

As you’ve seen, even celebrities dispense with makeup at times and remain stunning and confident. To be proud of your natural beauty, how about giving up makeup for a day?

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