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Capricorn sign | Characteristics, Forecasts and Dates

Capricorn Zodiac Characteristics

Practicality and maturity are typical Capricorn traits. Independent, they usually make their own way and don’t rely much on routes traced by other people. Those who have an accumulation of planets in Capricorn sign may have a workaholic profile, but a professional career is just one of the aspects that attract the attention of Capricorns.

Patience tends to be quite common for the natives of this sign who, from a very early age, learn that everything in life takes time and dedication. Success is the fruit of persistence, learning and discipline. Awareness that rules exist and must be complied with is also typical of the Capricorn sign. But attention! Excess material focus can contribute to the development of avaricious or overly ambitious attitudes. An extra dose of pessimism may also exist.

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