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Cap: learn how to insert the accessory in everyday productions

The cap is another accessory that is on the list of pieces that divide opinions and that many people still have doubts about how to insert the piece in everyday productions.

But it’s official, the cap is increasingly present in the looks of the day and now it is not just another accessory to block the sun from the face, but also a fashion piece, which updates any look.

With a sporty feel, the cap is versatile and can go with a more basic look, such as denim shorts and a t-shirt, or complement a more elaborate look.

In order to have no doubts when using the accessory, we have prepared some tips in partnership with the style consultant, Cíntia Cortez, to inspire you and help you wear a cap. Check out!

With T-shirt and jeans

Here, creativity sets the tone for the look, as the jeans + t-shirt combination is the most basic of all. The image and style consultant gives a tip: “the cap is a very sporty piece, so try to make the other pieces of the look more sophisticated to create visual interest and not be too casual. It can be in accessories, shoes or earrings.”

With dress or overalls

The cap will break the femininity of the dress a little and give a more urban and fashionista touch to the look. “To harmonize the cap with the dress, try to use similar colors. If the dress is dark, use a dark cap, if the dress is light, use a light cap, and if the dress is printed, use a cap that has at least one color of the print on the dress”, explains Cíntia. The same goes for planters.

with skirts

Here, the cap has the same function in looks composed with a dress. But the consultant has another tip: “When wearing a skirt with a cap, mark the waist well to enhance femininity and bring delicacy to the look. A suggestion can be to wear a high-waisted skirt with a t-shirt inside the skirt, the cap can be any color, but the lighter it is, the more feminine it will make the look.”

with shorts

Another versatile combination, which can result in a cool look, or more basic. Everything will depend on the style of the short and the final accessories. “To make the look more tidy, finish the composition of shorts + cap with a blazer, which can even be knitted”, comments the consultant.

in winter looks

“Enjoy the heyday of the bomber jacket
, another sporty piece that has won our hearts over the last few seasons, and make an interesting composition with the cap. For this, choose a jacket, or a cap that has striking elements, such as a print or sequins, and rock the production”, Cíntia’s tip.

6 beautiful caps for you to include in your looks

We have selected some caps for you to buy online and create various fashionista looks. Check out!

Where to buy

  1. Colcci Green Hat, at Dafiti
  2. Pink cap, in Kanui
  3. Printed cap by Farfetch
  4. Gray Adidas Hat
  5. Floral cap, in Kanui
  6. Adidas Bone Ocean Hat

It has a colorful, printed or plain cap for you to complement your look of the day with style.

25 inspirations to convince you to use this accessory

We separate some looks from bloggers using caps, they are productions of various styles for you to be inspired by!

Now that you’ve checked out all the tips for using and abusing the cap, it’s just a matter of creating incredible everyday productions with this versatile accessory.

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