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Canned pepper: 13 recipes to add a spicy touch to your dishes

Pepper is widely used in cooking, being the ideal seasoning to give that spicy touch to recipes. We have a multitude of types that can be used in different ways, such as in jellies, sauces, etc. Here we have selected the best ways to make pepper preserves.

It is a facility for those who love to cook and like to have the ingredients always at their disposal. See, then, how to make different types of canning recipes with different ingredients, such as lemon, olive oil and even mustard. Check out.

With a sweeter touch, the pout pepper does not cause in recipes that very sharp spicy flavor, common in dishes that take this ingredient. But that characteristic taste of pepper is very present, in a subtle way. For those who don’t like the heat of the pepper, this is the perfect preserve.

The main characteristic of goat pepper, widely used in Northeastern cuisine, is that it has small and very uniform fruits, that is, ideal for making preserves. Other ingredients such as dill seeds, rosemary, dried coriander and oil are part of this recipe.

Did you know that the girl’s finger pepper is one of the best known and used in Brazilian cuisine? It has a striking flavor that gives dishes that spicy touch that is essential in some recipes. In this preserve, in addition to the pepper, there is also garlic, oil and vinegar.

The basic pickle of chili pepper is prepared only with the addition of salt and oil. However, there can be variations to make it even more irresistible, as is the case with this recipe that still takes dill seeds, coriander seeds, rosemary and bay leaf.

Using several types of pepper in the preserve is a good idea, as this mixture allows for a differentiated and appetizing flavor. In addition, the glass gains an extra charm, with a color that can contribute to the decoration of your kitchen.

The girl’s finger pepper, as we have already mentioned, is very popular. The advantage of this recipe is that, in addition to seasoning your dishes, it can also be used as a topping. However, for this it is interesting to pay attention to how it is prepared, as the ingredients must penetrate the pepper to cancel out the heat a little.

If you intend to make pepper preserves, the girl’s finger is the most practical. This version is very easy and has simple ingredients to find.

This recipe is made with jalapeños, a very versatile pepper that offers that flavor of Mexico. You can also take advantage of the same procedure to make preserves with other peppers, try doing it with a neat mix.

This pickle with pout pepper has the flavor enhanced by mustard seeds, which will give that special touch. Canning is a great way to avoid wasting ingredients that you have in abundance and still have a lot of flavor.

A mix of peppers is what you will initially need to make this preserve, such as pout, girl’s finger, scorpion and scent. In the most, it is to unite cachaça with vinegar in the preparation and to see in the step by step of the video. You will see that the mixture of flavors of the various peppers will give a special touch to this preserve.

The differential of this version is to use extra virgin olive oil instead of vinegar. Not only does olive oil taste better, it is healthier than vinegar. The texture is also more interesting. This preserve also takes basil, bay leaf, garlic and oregano. Very tasty.

Old recipe, but it’s delicious and very easy to make. The pepper used is girl’s finger and has simple ingredients such as garlic, vinegar and salt. Check out the step-by-step guide and see how easy this recipe is with a grandma’s hug.

How about, instead of vinegar, using lemon in this girl’s finger preserves recipe? That’s what the recipe proposes: replacing these ingredients and guaranteeing the acidity that every preserve needs. It also takes cachaça and salt.

Did you like the suggestions? So, be sure to use the pepper pickle recipe in your dishes and enjoy this spicy flavor in your meals. Enjoy your visit and check out the selection of sauce recipes — they are divine and will boost your menus.

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