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Candy Lipz: the secret of the voluminous lips of celebrities

Despite being only 17 years old, Kylie Jenner, the youngest part of the controversial Kardashian-Jenner clan, is already on the covers of magazines and carries millions of followers on her social networks.

Not unlike the family, the teenager is the target of controversy. The main thing that accompanies Kylie these days is her lip size, which has increased considerably in recent years.

During the various speculations that the young woman would have had a filler on her lips, Kylie always defended that the secret of her mouth was just the lip contour with a specific pencil, but according to dermatologist Dr. Samantha Enande, it is impossible to achieve the size in question with just makeup.

From further searches, a more likely hypothesis of what Jenner’s gimmick could be has been uncovered: the Candy Lipz.

The product in question is a ‘sucker’ for the lips, which promises, with the suction process, to increase blood circulation in the mouth region.

“It’s like we’re constantly pressing our lips together. The result is inflammation of the lips, which increases the volume of the mucosa”, reveals the doctor.

On the brand’s official website, you can find Candy Lipz for US$69.99. On Ebay the product is being offered for values ​​between R$230 to R$300, varying between sellers and the country of origin of the product. In Brazil, it is still difficult to find it. But due to the success it has had, possibly soon cosmetics stores will have the product or similar alternatives.

Does its use pose risks?

As it is new on the market, its use is still little known and the same happens with information about its effects and risks.

According to Enande, the product can, indeed, bring harm to health. That’s because its functioning depends on the inflammation of the lip mucosa. “We can have blood vessels rupture and have bruising,” he reveals.

In addition, the suction process can cause pain and burning. The dermatologist’s suggestion is that those who want more “fleshy” lips also seek alternatives to obtain the effect. An example is hyaluronic acid: “when the use is administered by a doctor, there are fewer health risks, it does not cause fissures in the region or pain”.

A health benefit is that the effect of Candy Lipz is temporary. Its duration is only a few hours, but it can vary according to the time of application and the type of skin in question.

It is essential, before betting on the product, to consult with a professional. He will be able to evaluate your skin, give more guidance on the process, its advantages and risks.

How to use Candy Lipz

Using the product is easy as it does all the work itself. To start the process, the idea is to fit the lips in the material so that the mouth is whole inside it. Put it on already making suction with your lips. To help your mouth ‘stick’ to the product, use a lip balm in and around your mouth before you start.

Application time is at your discretion. The longer, the greater the suction of the vessels, that is, the bigger your mouth will be. Check out the video below and understand the application step by step:

Alternatives to fuller lips without Candy Lipz

You can use some makeup tricks to get your mouth Kylie Jenner style. They won’t make the lips much bigger, but they can offer you a beautiful mouth, with a very natural effect and without the need to suffer with the use of the product that sucks the mouth.

Watch the videos below and get inspired by the tips:

Bulky Lips by Camila Coelho

How to Get Carunod Lips by Julia Forti

How to enlarge lips with makeup by Alice Salazar

With the techniques it is possible to considerably increase the volume of your lips when you want to make a more dramatic effect on your makeup.

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