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Candles: Discover What They Are For and What They Mean

Feeling connected to something greater, be it another spiritual plane or guardian angels that protect us, is something that can bring comfort and calm to the hearts of many. This is why candles are often lit. They work as a kind of lighting, which can have several meanings.

This concept can be explained from the color of the candle to its size. All to tell us more about the importance and relevance of this transforming object. Want to learn more about these meanings? We have brought in detail the complete list of all the contents about candles that offers. Check out:

Colored candles and their meanings

As explained at the beginning, the Candle is an object that is used as an instrument to attract light, protection or even the fulfillment of desires. Within that, there are a few ways to extend the use of Candles to something more powerful. For example, choosing the right color candle. To enhance this effect, see the meaning of colored candles. They are:

blue candle

A blue candle is used to attract calm, serenity and wisdom in life’s events. In addition, it is a tool for expanding intuition.

yellow candle

This candle color is sought after and lit when there is a need to heal something. Whether physical, emotional or energetic. Even to open the paths of the mind, to clear things up.

white candle

Peace, purity and honesty. It’s great for those who need peace of mind and seek to understand life’s issues without being shaken. It can be used for cleaning as well.

orange candle

It serves to attract trust and activate the power of attraction, which is to attract what we want. Whether it’s a relationship, a professional advancement or the realization of a dream.

Purple Candle (violet or lilac)

This color can and should be used to seek transformation, renewal and ward off negativity.

red candle

The red candle should be used for those who are looking for strength and vitality. For those who are in need of a triumphant turn in life.

green candle

Prosperity, opening of paths and abundance. These are the main motifs used with this candle.

pink candle

Love, beauty and fluency in love life. It’s for those who need to make a change in the affective area or for those who are looking for a relationship.

black candle

If you are looking to ward off bad energies and clean the environment. It can also be used in magic rituals.

brown candle

The last candle on our list is the brown one. It serves those who are looking to bring justice into their lives.

Types of Sail

In addition to the colors and the way to use candles, it is also important to know that there are different types of candles. Some of them are:

  • Sign candles
  • Orixás candles
  • Saints candles
  • Decorative candles

Meaning of Candles

With Knowledge Comes Wisdom

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