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Can you solve these 7 brain-defying riddles?

The riddles in this post seem easy at first glance, but on closer inspection, you’ll see that they all have something special. To come up with the right answers, you need to pay close attention to detail and think creatively.

we, from awesome.club, we love riddles, and we couldn’t help but share these with you. They are geniuses! Check out!

1. Secret password

It’s a riddle that looks easy, but it’s not.

Mateus wants to enter a nightclub, but in order to do so, he needs to provide a password that he doesn’t know. So, he stops next to the entrance and listens to all the conversation of other regulars of the place, who inform the password at the entrance.

When one of the customers walks to the door, the bouncer says ‘Two’. And the girl answers ‘Four’ and enters the place.

Soon after a man arrives at the door of the location, the security says ‘Four’. The man answers ‘Six’ and enters the room.

Mateus believes he has understood the password pattern and walks to the door. The bouncer says: ‘Six’ and Mateus replies: ‘Eight’, but his entry is not allowed.


What is the correct password?


Matthew should say how many letters the number said by the security guard has. The word “Two” has four letters. “Four” is 6 letters long, so the password given by Matthew should have been “Four”.

2. A robbery?

A man walked into the police station saying he had just been robbed. A policeman asked him to describe exactly what had happened. The man explained: “I was going to the bank, and I had $100,000 in a suitcase. Suddenly, a man dressed in black, with a mask and black gloves, attacked me, grabbed the suitcase and ran away”. The officer noticed a fresh wound on the man’s face and asked if it was a consequence of the robbery. The deponent replied: “Yes, the assailant wore a silver ring on his left hand, which cut my face when he hit me.” The policeman knew immediately that the man was lying.

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How did the policeman find out that the man was lying?


You may remember that the alleged ‘victim’ said that the assailant wore black gloves, so he couldn’t tell if the ring was silver, gold or any other material.

3. John has a lion, a sheep and a bale of hay

John has a lion, a sheep and a bale of hay. He wants to cross the river, but he has only one canoe, which can only hold the weight of two packages at a time. Also, John needs to ensure that the lion will not eat the sheep and that the sheep will not eat the hay.


How can John get to the other side of the river with all three things safe?


The plan is as follows:

John must lead the sheep first. Then he takes the hay bale and brings the sheep back. Then he needs to take the lion, but leave the sheep. Finally, he must return to fetch the sheep and take it to the other side of the river. That way, everyone arrives unharmed and without having any meals before the time!

There’s just one detail: João will need to row a lot, and we hope the lion doesn’t want to devour him!

4. Escaping from prison

An innocent man was wrongfully accused, arrested and sentenced to death. They said the sentence would be carried out in two days. Therefore, he would only have this period to think of a way to escape. His cell has a small window, but it is high up, and the man cannot reach it. Somehow he found a shovel (don’t ask how or why, it just happened), but he would need at least a week to dig a hole that would lead him to freedom. And he has only 2 days.

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How could he get away?


He doesn’t have enough time to dig a hole, so he can use the dirt to form a column. So he could climb up and reach the window.

5. What is the safest port?

Tomás is passing through a forest and suddenly finds a very large house. The place seems abandoned, so the boy is taken by curiosity and decides to enter. But as soon as he enters, the door closes by itself, hard. Tomás finds a note saying that the door has been locked, but that there are four other doors that he can also use to get out. The problem is what’s behind those doors.

If Tomás opens the first door, he will fall into a tank full of hungry sharks. The room behind the second door is filled with toxic gas. Behind the third door is a very deep pool, and Tomás doesn’t know how to swim. If the boy chooses the fourth door, he will come across a serial killer with the same chainsaw he used to kill over 100 people in 1918.


Which door should Thomas choose to survive?


Even if the killer is a major psychopath, he would be over 100 years old, and would probably be dead, or too old to use a chainsaw.

So the right answer is port #4.

6. Card trick


Alan needs to take the first 13 cards from the top and just flip them over. That simple!

Do not believe? So let’s see:

An example: imagine you have taken the first 13 cards from the top, and let’s say there are nine face-up cards in that first pile. This means that the remaining pile would only be 4 face-up cards, as we know from the beginning that 13 of the 52 cards were face-up. If you flip the first pile, 4 cards are face up and 9 are face down. Four for each side!

7. The object that does not belong to the group


Which of the objects does not belong to the above group?


The object that does not belong to the group is the first, as it is the only one that does not have an individual trait.

The second shape is round, which is different from any other shape. The third object does not have the blue outline around it. The fourth has a different color than the others, and the fifth is much smaller than the other objects.

So the right answer is the first object. After all, he’s the only one who doesn’t have a particular trait.

8. Ticket seller

A deaf and dumb man goes to the ticket office of a subway station. Each ticket costs 50 cents. The man handed over 1 dollar, and the clerk handed over two tickets without even asking him anything.


How did the clerk know the man needed two tickets?


The man gave two 50 cents to the clerk to make sure he wanted 2 tickets. Otherwise, he would have given only a 50 cent coin.

How many riddles did you manage to decipher? Leave a comment telling how you did in these challenges!

Illustrated by Victor Senin exclusive to Incrível.club

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