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Can pregnant women eat pepper? Obstetrician-gynecologist answers

Among many questions that arise with pregnancy, there is the question of whether the pregnant woman can eat pepper or not. José Moura (CRM 18281), gynecologist-obstetrician and medical coordinator at the Anchieta Women’s Hospital, clarifies that there is no scientific proof that pepper brings any harm to the fetus or causes abortion. Consumption, however, requires caution… Find out why.

Can pregnant women eat pepper?

José Moura clarifies that excessive consumption of pepper during pregnancy can lead to other changes, such as in the stomach, which can compromise the well-being of the patient.

Moura points out that consumption should be done very cautiously because, in excess, it can cause stomach disorders. “During pregnancy, there are already stomach changes such as heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux, intestinal constipation. And overuse of chili peppers can make these symptoms worse by the change in stomach PH,” she explains.

On the other hand, if the consumption is balanced, the pregnant woman can benefit from the use of this condiment. “Pepper has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action, in addition to being rich in fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, folic acid, iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium, which helps in pregnancy nutrition. It has the following benefits: relief of intestinal bloating and gas, prevention and treatment of skin problems, antidepressant action, improvement of the immune system and blood pressure control”, explains the obstetrician-gynecologist.

Problems with pepper consumption during pregnancy

Moura reinforces that inadequate consumption of pepper during pregnancy can lead to stomach disorders and bring consequences such as:

  • Hemorrhoids;
  • heartburn;
  • Reflux;
  • Feeling of swelling in the body, among others.

Thus, it is concluded that pepper is not prohibited for pregnant women, but it may not be recommended due to its ability to change stomach pH, ​​and taking into account that pregnancy, by itself, can already generate intestinal problems.

Pregnancy nutrition care

Pregnant women should choose a balanced diet and drink plenty of fluids. “The ideal would be to avoid processed foods, soft drinks, sausages and fatty foods, always opting for natural foods. In addition, she should eat foods rich in iron, fiber and protein so that the body can function in the best way”, highlights Moura.

In addition to pepper, other seasonings/condiments often cause doubts in pregnant women, such as peppers, cinnamon, lemon and cumin. Moura explains that spices can be used during pregnancy, as long as they are consumed properly and without excess. “Spices and condiments are related to pepper and should be used cautiously, as they can damage the stomach and alter the normal course of pregnancy”, emphasizes the obstetrician-gynecologist.

A healthy and balanced diet is, therefore, the ideal recipe for women to experience the best of pregnancy without having their well-being altered. Also check out tips to relieve or avoid gas in pregnancy.

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