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Can Black Magic Kill Someone? Are There Any Death Spells?

Is it possible to use black magic spells to kill an enemy? The term “Black magic” refers to casting magical spells that use the power of evil forces. The use of black magic has many destructive consequences and can cause unnatural effects in the atmosphere and universe.

Can Black Magic Kill a Person?

Can black magic kill a person

Can black magic kill a person?

Experts in black magic are very powerful people committed to the deities of evil. There are various rituals and cultures in where black magic is currently practiced and used. Some of the things that can be done with black magic include spells to kill, to acquire immortality, spells to curse someone, necromancy, etc.

Another common practice in black magic is called Vashikaran and consists of controlling the mind and soul of a person. The black witch or sorcerer can thus take control of the life of a victim by chanting certain mantras. Often the Vashikaran is done by using a replica (voodoo doll) of the person. The practitioner will cast a spell on this mummy managing to manipulate the will of the victim.

Some very experienced sorcerers can use this form of black witchcraft to kill a person by using black magic spells. These killing spells of black magic are known as ‘death spells’. In general, practitioners of black magic resort to these rituals only in a situation of extreme need.

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Black and Voodoo Witchcraft Can Harm

Murder, torture, abuse, mutilation, dismemberment … These are some of the words commonly associated with voodoo dolls in popular culture. People retort to these extreme rituals to settle differences, gain control over others, torture and even go to lengths such as using black magic to kill and destroy an enemy. Let’s see what the use of voodoo dolls can really do:

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  1. Inflict severe pain by pinning pins in the groin area to force the person to confession, revenge, etc.
  2. Any method by which such pains are inflicted, such as ties, burial alive, or cutting and dismembering the body.
  3. Any severe physical or mental pain, agony and anguish caused by done by crushing the head of a voodoo doll representing the victim.
  4. Other causes of pain or agony, such as fire (burning the voodoo doll), knives (stabbing the voodoo doll), scissors (cutting the voodoo doll), or applying brute force (hitting the doll).
  5. Severe physical abuse that ultimately results in voodoo death.

So, Can Black Magic Really Kill Someone?

There is a case that has become popular in recent years. This is the case of the murder of Santa Clara County, which involved Damon Wells, also known as the Son of the Devil.

Apparently, Damon experimented with voodoo and worship of the Devil; and often spoke of demons and black magic in his house and circles. He claimed to hear the voice of the devil and claimed that he could read people’s thoughts. He made several voodoo dolls that he would use to hurt different people, one of which was a bully from the school he had attended. His schoolmates, in general, tended to avoid him, except for this bully, a boy older than him, who delighted in mocking him.

According to the investigation records, years later Damon sought revenge against this particular kid. He took the bully’s photo from his school yearbook, created a voodoo doll, and on several occasions used black magic spells to kill and torture, invoking the devil to kill him. Coincidentally, it was discovered that this bully stabbed and killed his pregnant wife, finally turning the knife towards himself. He claimed that he had been possessed by the devil.

Black Magic Kill spells

Black Magic Kill spells

While it is not easy to learn how to kill someone with black magic, and it is highly unlikely that someone without the necessary experience will achieve it, there is historical documentation about hundreds of black magic spells to kill and make enemies sick.

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It is said that witches in Africa used to leave their bodies at night and fly away, either to meet with other witches or to absorb the energy of their victims while they slept. Since the bodies of the witches were still sleeping in their beds, no one suspected them, and most of this evidence comes to us through the confessions of people who later gave up witchcraft. For example, an African magazine cites former witches (mostly young girls) saying: “I killed 150 people causing traffic accidents”, “I killed five children by sucking all their blood”. “I killed three of my boyfriends since they betrayed me.”

A Spell to Kill

This is a popular spell to destroy an enemy. All this information is given only for educational purposes. We do not suggest anyone try to cast black magic spells to kill people because as we know, black magic can be counterproductive, that is, it will probably bounce back against you.

This black magic spell to kill requires the following elements:

  • A black candle
  • A voodoo doll
  • Pens, knives, sharp objects.
  • Matches (to light the candle)
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Light the candle in a dark place, preferably at night. Take the voodoo doll you’ve made, which should look like your enemy, and it should also contain something from your enemy, such as their hair or a nail trimming. Chant this spell to kill three times:

“Gods from above. This enemy of mine has brought restlessness to my soul.
I appeal to the Gods to take every ounce of my hatred,
And pierce their heart with darkness. So mote it be.”

Take the voodoo doll and stick the sharp objects in the areas where you want the enemy to feel pain.
Note: In order to use this spell to kill your enemy, stab the doll’s heart repeatedly.

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Here concludes this informative article on black magic to kill and witchcraft to cause suffering. Keep browsing this website to discover more about magic and sorcery of all kinds: Love Magick, Money Spells and more.

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