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Brown lipstick: learn how to use this beautiful and versatile color

Brown lipstick has become a darling in recent seasons, capturing the attention of women who love to feel beautiful and powerful! Used so much by the famous even in important awards, displacing the vermilion for a while, it also conquered the beautiful ones on the streets who do not dispense with a beautiful lipstick in their day-to-day.

This isn’t the first time that this color has become the season’s must-have: it was also a hit in the 1990s and came back in full force there in the winter of 2016 and hasn’t disappeared with the change of seasons. In other words, everything indicates that this fashion is here to stay!

He is a wonderful joker, as it goes well with all skin types, just varying the tone used for each case. In addition, it looks wonderful with the most diverse looks, and can be used on many occasions.

Learn more about this darling, clear all your doubts about the ideal shade, how to use it and be enchanted by wonderful inspirations. Check out:

Which brown is right for you?

One of the main advantages of brown lipstick is that it is super versatile. It suits all skin tones, just needing to hit the shade of the lipstick. If you’re not sure which one suits you best, don’t despair, we’ll show you which ones suit each skin tone best. But don’t worry, this is not the rule. The important thing is that you feel good wearing the lipstick you like the most!

black skin

For dark skin tones, brown lipstick is super wild. The trick will essentially be to match the type of lipstick with the look of the day.

For example, if you want a more neutral look, earthier lipsticks work better if you are a shade lighter than your skin tone. If you want to break it up a bit and give your look a light glamor, a gloss can help a lot.

For the night, the ideal bet is on darker tones, pulled towards chocolate or coffee. Matte finish also gives a very interesting sophisticated look, especially if you make your eyes very powerful.

Another good option is brown lipsticks with a wine base, which are very pretty and give a very sexy look to your makeup.

Brown skin

For dark-skinned women, the very dark tones make a very interesting contrast, without looking forced and they look divine!

If you are going to use a lighter brown lipstick, the ideal thing is that you test it on the skin, in order to see if it will really stand out in relation to your face, to achieve the effect you want.

For women with this skin tone, there’s a neat trick: use a lip liner in a darker shade than your chosen lipstick. It will cause a gradient effect and on top of that it will increase the volume of the lips.

olive skin

According to fashion experts, olive skin is the one that benefits most from brown lipsticks. All shades fit very well on this skin tone, being a real joker for these women.

The tones that stand out the most in this skin color are the warm and coral tones, which stand out the most. Some stylists even indicate the darkest tones, to accentuate the golden tone of the skin.

If you want something more neutral, for day to day, invest in lighter tones and enhanced with a gloss or use creamy lipsticks, so you don’t leave the look faded.

Clear Skin

Women with lighter skin tones should be mindful of the brown lipstick shades they choose. The most suitable ones, to avoid an over effect, are those with a red background or those that are more nude, with a pinkish tone. The warmer tones contrast well with the cheeks, enhancing the look.

Pay attention to lipsticks that have cooler tones in the background, especially the gray ones. They can be confused with the skin tone and leave the production a little dull.

We emphasize once again that these are some tips given by fashion experts, but the important thing is that you feel beautiful and throw yourself into what you think is best for you!

6 good reasons to go for brown lipstick

If you haven’t tried a brown lipstick on your lips yet, it’s good to go ahead and change that situation! Let’s give 6 good reasons for you to run and throw yourself in this lipstick color:

Get out of the common place: brown lipstick is a great option to break the use of the traditional pink, red and wine and give a good change in the look.

Win in versatility: elegant or casual? Brown looks good on both! The brown color matches the most different types of look, occasions and skin tones, ensuring that you will know how to use it without making any mistake.

Brown lipstick is on the rise: if you are one of those who love to be in fashion, you cannot miss one of these items in your life.

It’s neutral, but you can make a big mouth: it’s a color that is excellent for the ombré effect, which gives a super sensual and sophisticated look to the look!

That is, he is perfect to compose wonderful and incredible looks! There’s no shortage of reasons for you to play in it!

14 amazing brown lipsticks to buy online

Decided to rock it using a wonderful brown lipstick? Here are some options you can buy to become a diva in your day-to-day and special events:

Just choose your favorite shade and get ready to carry an extra lipstick in your bag every day!

Photos to finish convincing you to test the color

Want to be even more tempted to include brown lipstick in your bag? So check out some looks with this color and fall in love!

It’s very pretty, isn’t it? So how about sharing this post with your friends so they all get to know this wonderful color, huh?

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