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Brown hair: rock this look that has nothing basic

Maybe it’s the most seen on the streets, but brown hair isn’t boring at all. It is very versatile and allows you to express yourself freely, adopting a more elegant and serious or stylish and cool look, depending on your personality.

Brown has numerous shades and they do not require extreme maintenance, being another advantage of the color. As such, it deserves a special place in your heart and on the list of upcoming hair colors.

40 brown hair inspirations

Even though it’s one of the most common colors out there, brown hair comes in a range of different shades, so be sure to check out the photos below.

1. Brown hair has a variety of shades

2. They are all very beautiful

3. You can choose lighter colors

4. Pulls for the chocolate

5. For honey

6. And golden

7. Stay in the middle

8. Or go for a dark tone

9. Brown hair is also pretty eclectic

10. Matching women of all personalities

11. From the shy

12. To the bold

13. And more serious

14. Since being a neutral tone

15. Can be seen in celebrities all over the world

16. Without having to make radical changes

17. Being able to play with the cut

18. And with the lengths

19. An interesting factor is that anyone can become a brunette

20. Since brown does not damage hair

21. Getting rid of worries

22. How dryness

23. Which is very common for blondes, redheads and colored

24. Keeping your hair looking healthy

25. Besides being pretty

26. And elegant

27. They’re perfect for women who constantly change their look

28. Because you can have a more professional look in an hour

29. Cute in another

30. And for a daring hour

31. Ideal for those who work in the fashion world

32. Which is in constant renewal

33. And it needs the hair to adjust to the desired style

34. Getting the attention of those who see them

35. Proving to be very versatile

36. For every kind of occasion

37. Being wild in the hair world

38. Highlights add an extra touch to locks

39. But nothing prevents you from leaving them in one color

40. Or stay monochrome

41. He brings joy to anyone

42. Because brown is super trendy

43. That you can adapt it to your taste

shades of brown

And despite the beauty of brown hair, putting all shades in the same box seems reductive, since there are many different shades of brown, know a little more about them now.

chocolate brown

This color sits right in the middle of the brown palette, being neither too dark nor too light. It pulls more towards the reddish, being categorized as a warmer color. It is perfect for women with darker skin, bringing shine and a more differentiated touch to the strands, drawing attention for the beauty and highlight that the tone gives to the face.

Light brown (honey tone)

Honey brown is already on the side of lighter colors, and can even be confused with dark blonde at times. It is also considered a warm tone and helps to give that natural tan look, you know? In this way, light brown instantly gives you the look of a laid-back surfer with beautiful golden strands.

dark brown

Perhaps the most practical of all, dark brown is endlessly elegant. It is the darkest of all shades, as its name implies, and can even be confused with black depending on the light. This color is more sober, making any woman thinner. Another aspect to consider is the fact that this color requires less care than the others, not requiring constant maintenance or great care with tinting, for example.

gray brown

This is already that coolest color. Unlike the other tones, it pulls more towards the blue side than towards the yellow. It’s modern and looks perfect on Asian women, giving it a touch of style without being overdone. Grayish is considered a more sober brown, bringing seriousness to the look. A nice tip is the adoption of this tone by women who have white hair, since they can be incorporated into the color discreetly.

golden brown

That color that leaves you in doubt: is she blonde or brunette? But the answer is: she has golden brown strands. It is much lighter than the other browns and is more similar to the honey tone. It is the perfect hair for the summer, giving a touch of lightness and joviality to the composition. It looks good with all skin tones, but brown women in particular are perfect for this color, which lifts and brightens the face.

coppery brown

Beautiful, bold and enviable, this is coppery brown. Its base pulls towards orange, creating the perfect combination between red and brown. It’s a very fun and cool color. It also lights up when exposed to the sun, attracting admiring glances from every corner. Copper brown works well for lighter-skinned women and can be adapted for all types of cuts, even the simplest ones, giving an up to the wires.

Have you chosen which shade you like the most? Write it down in the notebook and arrive at your hairdresser or favorite hairdresser explaining the color you want like a true professional.

brown hair care

And it’s no use knowing the right shade for you and already choosing your perfect brown hair without knowing how to care for that color, right? Then check out the tips below.

1. Effect of external agents

Something to pay attention to is the effects that external agents have on the hair. Often exposure to the sun, chlorine from the pool, pollution and even the climate of the place where you live can change the pigment of your hair, causing natural reddish reflections or due to the oxidation of brown dye, which usually causes an unpleasant appearance. In this way, your main bet should be the leave-in with sun protection, which allows you to enjoy your life without worries.

2. Brightness

As brown hair is more common and sometimes it doesn’t have that appeal of blondes, redheads and colored ones, the best thing to do is to bet on the luminosity of the wires. Their structure better absorbs the shine, reflecting and enchanting all who see them. Oils are ideal for this shine treatment, but use them with caution so you don’t end up with overly greasy locks. Remember that women with curly hair can use more, as the strands are drier, while those with straight hair should pay extra attention.

3. Hydration

Another essential factor to always maintain the health of the hair is the practice of moisturizing the hair, constantly making masks and emollient treatments. Heat sources such as a flat iron, hair dryer and babyliss can influence hair drying, leaving it dull and frizzy, and that’s where hydration will act, preventing these problems.

4. Own products

Brown hair is often left out when talking about specific products, as the focus is much greater on using shampoos and conditioners for red and blonde strands. However, there are specific lines for brunettes and their use is important to avoid faded, stained and dehydrated hair.

5. Toners and toners

They are also very forgotten by brunettes, but toners and toners are allies of brown hair. With just a few washes with these products, you’re guaranteed an even color along the entire length. This care should be even greater for those who use dye to keep their brown hair, which tends to fade easily. The interesting thing about these cosmetics is that they act on the surface and do not cause drying.

Now just put all these tips together to have nourished and beautiful brown hair.

How to dye your hair brown at home

An economical and practical way to achieve the desired brown hair is to dye your hair at home, so if you are a DIY expert, keep an eye out for the following tutorials.

Going back to being a brunette, with Adri Schiessl

Adri tells her story with brown hair and why she decided to give up blonde highlights to go back to being a brunette. She uses L’Oréal Paris ink in the video and achieves an unparalleled result. Don’t miss out!

Dyeing curly hair, from the Ao Natural channel

Something common when bleaching hair is that it loses definition and becomes frayed. That’s why the youtuber from the Ao Natural channel teaches the step by step to dye your curly hair at home, returning to having the beautiful curls and the volume of this type of yarn.

Darkening the highlights, by Daniela Lima

Daniela Lima talks about how she decided to abandon the blonde and adhere once and for all to the brown look with the use of toner. This transformation is a good option to return the health of the wires and still ensure a very stylish look.

Coloring to brown, by Tatiana Lobo

Tatiana Lobo tells her personal experience of coloring her hair brown and also demonstrates how to apply the products to blonde locks. She talks from the initial stages of the process, such as pre-pigmentation, to the final step, which is the application of the neutralizer.

With dye or toner, alone or with help, dyeing your hair at home is always an option and the advantage of brown is that it does not pose great risks of hair damage.

4 products to care for and color brown hair

If your biggest question is knowing which products to use to dye your hair brown or even to keep the color and shine in the right way, see below some examples of shampoo, moisturizer and amazing masks.

Where to buy

  1. She is Carioca Toning Mask, at Beleza na Web
  2. “In addition to toning the hair and making the color incredibly more beautiful, Ela é Carioca! it also moisturizes the strands and leaves the hair with an indescribable softness and shine.” – Larissa Brauna

  3. Color Booster Brown Color Maintenance Mask, at Perfumaria Seiki
  4. “The cream is very dense, easy to apply. I replaced my nourishing mask on the schedule with it, because in addition to maintaining the color it has several oils (12 multifunctional oils) and helps to add shine.” – Ana Catarina

  5. Batiste Toque Brown Dry Shampoo, at Ikesaki Cosméticos
  6. “I really like it, because in addition to disappearing quickly, it doesn’t leave the hair super dull. This dry shampoo leaves hair looking clean but still retaining a certain natural shine.” – Bruna Tavares

  7. Kolestom Tincture 40 Medium Brown, at Panvel
  8. “I really liked the consistency, it doesn’t have a strong smell, it didn’t dry out my hair and it painted very well, the good thing about it is that it comes with a color activator to use after 15 days of dyeing.” – Lilian Reis

Do not wait any longer and decide to transform the look once and for all and take on the brown hair, rocking it with nuances of chocolate, honey or other shades of brown.

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