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Broken candle sympathy | Stop suffering bringing your love back

Losing a love is a desperate situation for those who live the romance, especially if the breakup was caused by simple things, which should not interrupt a life together.

If you are going through this situation, be sure to fight for your love. Look for the best ways to bring him back to you. And it’s never too much to ask the universe for strength.

If you are looking for a great and efficient magic to bring back a lost love, the broken candle sympathy is without a doubt the best choice.

According to the reports, there are rare situations where this sympathy did not have the desired effect and did not fulfill its task. See below how to make the sympathy!

Broken candle sympathy for love


  • 1 common plate (can be crockery or glass);
  • 1 white candle never used;
  • 1 knife (only for aid).

How to make

This sympathy should be performed outside the home, in an open environment, and, preferably, in contact with nature, where you can breathe fresh air. Also, it is recommended that it be started after 18:00.

With the help of a knife, cut the white candle into three pieces, making sure that all parts have a wick.

If any of them don’t stay, you can shape them so that they are all able to light up.

Light the three parts of the candle and glue them to the plate, forming a triangle. Put one above and two a little below.

With positive thoughts in mind, repeat the following mantra 3 times:

“(Name of loved one), I break your black angel so that everything that prevents you from coming to me is broken right now and that you feel the urge to be with me. May everything that is getting in your way be broken and that from wherever you are, come apologizing to me and getting in touch.”

Let the candles burn freely, then discard what’s left.

Heads up: Because you use fire, you must be very careful while performing the ritual. Do everything calmly and without haste, so as not to run the risk of burning yourself or setting fire to something around you.

Licked candle sympathy for your love to seek

Another strong spell that will help your love come back to you is the licked candle spell. See the step by step for this ritual.


  • 1 white candle;
  • 1 black/red pen;
  • 1 plate with white sugar;
  • 1 glass of water.

How to make

Hold the white candle in both hands and rub it well between your hands. Roll it up and down between your hands.

While doing this, mentalize your love looking for you, very desperate, very passionate and missing you.

After that, take the candle and start licking it from top to bottom. Lick without fear or disgust.

Our saliva contains our DNA and part of us, so this part is essential for sympathy to run smoothly.

Now take the pen and write the name of the person you love along the length of the candle, from the side where it lights downwards.

Then write your name in the opposite direction, from bottom to top. That way the two names will meet, just like your love!

For this licked candle sympathy to go well, you need to write both full names.

After that, give the candle another lick so that the attraction is even greater.

Now, take the candle and pass it on the plate with sugar. Try to run the entire candle through the sugar. This is for the Guardian Angels bring a lot of attraction and intimacy.

Finally, light the candle on top of a white plate and place it in a high place in your house. It can be a closet, on top of a table or above a window. But never on top of a fridge, huh!

The important thing is that it is a high place, above your head.

If you can, place a glass of water next to the plate while the entire candle burns.

When the candle is finished burning, you can wash the dish and use normally.

This sympathy has no day of the week or moon phase.

How to succeed when performing the broken candle spell?

For the broken candle spell to be successful, you need to be fully focused when performing the ritual.

Find a quiet, comfortable, and interruption-free place so you can focus all your energy on what you want to achieve.

Clear your mind and stay focused on your love story. Remember the best moments in the relationship, the times when you had fun, loved each other and were happy. Try to relive a little of each of the excellent sensations and feelings of these occasions.

Feel the transcendent energy that was within you and take a few deep breaths to maintain that attunement.

Focus on the image of that person heading back towards you, slowly approaching the gate of your house. Visualizing this image clearly is the key to this sympathy.

Keep the image of the person arriving still with a suitcase in their hands. Watch carefully as your lover holds the suitcase with just one hand, using the other to open the gate and approach you, opening a beautiful and happy smile.

feed Positive Thoughts and imagine the ideal future: you and your love getting back together and having a happy, healthy relationship again.

The power of candles in sympathies

The candle represents the element of fire, faith, enlightenment, the transmutation of energy. That’s why we light candles in rituals, prayers and spells.

They are fascinating and can easily access the spiritual plane, helping us to clarify ideas and refresh everyday problems.

There are candles of various colors and sizes. Therefore, it is always necessary to pay attention to the type of candle that asks for sympathy.

In the case of the sympathy of the broken candle and the licked candle, what is asked is a white candle, that common toothpick candle.

see the meaning of candles of each color and what they are associated with.

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