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Bridal earrings: how to choose the ideal model for you

Marriage is on the list of the most important events a person can experience. Some details such as the dress, decoration, ceremony and jewelry that will be used are carefully chosen for that day. Every detail, no matter how small, if chosen with care and dedication, can give an incredible touch to the wedding.

In the case of earrings, they are often exquisite, with a good finish and should mainly express the bride’s personality and taste. There is a huge range of options on the market, from the little ones to the big ones, with a lot of shine or more discreet.

To choose the ideal earring, it is possible to follow some tips and take into account the type of dress that will be used, the time and place of the ceremony, the hairstyle and mainly choose what pleases and best express the bride’s style. See below for some tips to rock the choice of the ideal earring.

Gold or silver: which one to choose?

There are no rules for the exclusive use of gold or silver, what matters is the bride’s preference for one or another color of metal. However, some details can be noted and considered to help with the choice.

Luana Landrini, designer and founding partner of the brand Lola Manola, one of the exhibitors at the O Mercado fair, guarantees that when choosing the color of the earring, what can be noticed are the details of the dress, shoes and wedding ring. “If the dress/sandal/ring has some silver detail, the ideal and indicated is for the bride to wear the same accessories. And it also goes for gold”, says the designer.

As for the time of the ceremony, it has no influence on the metal colors to be chosen: “the metal color of the earring should follow the bride’s taste, no matter if the wedding will be daytime or nighttime, in this case what comes into play it’s the bride’s preference and the color of the chosen ring”, completes Luana.

The sizes and models of bridal earrings

To choose the ideal size of the earring, you can take into account the time of the ceremony and the model of the dress. These two factors are decisive for the choice of accessories. Daytime ceremonies call for smaller, less glittery accessories. The night ones can abuse bigger accessories and invest in pieces with a lot of shine.

The earring must be a complement to the dress and make a combination with it, so if the dress has a lot of embroidery, smaller and simpler earrings are indicated. The dresses with less embroidery can compose a production with large earrings and with more details. Creating a balanced contrast.

Check out below tips for choosing which earring size to invest in your wedding:

Small earrings

Ideal for daytime ceremonies as they add lightness, small earrings are charming and romantic. It is also a great choice for the bride who opts for a dress with many details: “the dress itself will draw a lot of attention to it and the bride will not need new protagonists in the scene”, recommends Luana.

The small earrings worn by brides are usually pearl or with a small diamond, “generally the brides’ favorite pieces are the ones with pearls, because they are thin and exuberant like any crystal”, comments Luana.

medium earrings

This earring size is the middle ground, great for the bride who wants something more flamboyant than a small earring, but doesn’t steal so much attention from her. It can also be combined with other accessories without any problems “if the dress does not have many details, many embroideries, a medium bracelet or even a bracelet fits”, comments Luana.

In daytime ceremonies, the ideal is for the medium earring not to have so much shine, while at night it is possible to dare more: “for night weddings, accessories can contain sparkles, crystals and depending on the dress, the bride can dare and invest in a very delicate bracelet, matching the earrings”, completes the designer.

Big earings

Photo: Reproduction / Marina Casemiro | Rafinha Gadelha | Ligia Lapertosa

Big earrings are certainly the most daring. They are ideal for brides who want an earring to star alongside the dress. The tip for using this size is that the earring complements the dress without contrasting with it: “if the dress does not have a lot of information, a lot of embroidery and it is strapless, the bride can dare and the earring can be bigger, however, simple ”, recommends Luna.

The strapless dress model gives complete freedom for a more flashy earring: “with this dress model, the bride has the option of using a large earring, full of sparkles and discarding the necklace”, comments the designer. To avoid exaggeration, Luana’s tip is that heavily embroidered dresses avoid earrings that are too big and too shiny: “dresses with a lot of details on the bust don’t ask for exaggeration in accessories, not even in night ceremonies”, she concludes.

20 bridal earrings to inspire

Earrings are striking accessories and have the power to complement the bride’s look. Small, medium or large. Gold or silver. With colored or transparent stones. For every bride there is an ideal earring and the biggest rule is to follow personal taste. See below 20 amazing earrings to get inspired and choose hers:

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