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Bridal bouquet: how to find the perfect model for you

When the trumpets announce the wedding march, all eyes are on where the bride will finally enter. At this point, emotion takes over and the tissues come into play as she walks by in her dream dress, holding the bouquet of flowers that was carefully chosen for that moment.

Whoever thinks that the function of the bouquet is only to compose the look of the bride is wrong. It does this very well, but it also symbolizes joy and fertility. Back in the early days, in order to bring luck and happiness, people gave flowers to brides on the way to the church. Arriving at the altar they had a bouquet in their hands.

Today, the essence continues, but it is the role of the bride to decide every detail of her bouquet. If, on the one hand, so many options of models and flowers offer an infinite variety, on the other hand, they end up confusing those who are still looking for the ideal model and flowers.

If this is your case, don’t worry, it’s common not to know where to start. That’s why we’ve gathered everything you need to know to find the perfect bouquet of flowers that will accompany you on one of the most special days of your life.

What to consider when choosing a bouquet

To help with this difficult task, we asked an expert to tell us the secrets to finding the perfect bouquet. Event designer Ana Carla Costa listed what should be taken into account at this stage. The good part is that it’s not a seven-headed bug as it seems.

“It may sound like a cliché, but most important of all is the bride’s taste. From this desire, the specialist studies all the characteristics of the wedding, the dress and her physical type to arrive at an ideal model”. Did you find it confusing? Calm down, let’s break down each step, see:

Dress Style: The dress always sets the tone for the bouquet, as the two need to be in complete harmony. If your dress is princess style, your bouquet needs to convey the same message of romance. In this case, symmetrical bouquets are the most suitable. Already more modern dresses combine with more stripped and asymmetrical bouquets.

Wedding location and time: The bouquet also needs to be in tune with the type of ceremony. Weddings in the countryside, outdoors and during the day allow for a greater mix of flowers, colors and foliage. Meanwhile, the church ceremony calls for more traditional models, such as the round and waterfall.

Bride’s stature: Another point of attention is the size of the bouquet according to the bride’s stature. The maxi bouquets are on the rise, but shorter brides should be careful not to risk being disproportionate. For them, the smaller bouquet models are more harmonic.

The season of the year: some flowers do not bloom at certain times of the year, such as tulips, which cannot withstand high temperatures. There is no shortage of beautiful tropical flowers in Brazil, so be sure to research and select your favorites.

For designer Ana Carla, each item selected reflects on the decision of the next ones. “I’ll give you an example: it’s very difficult to find a bride who will get married in the countryside with a very traditional dress, full of embroidery. This is because when defining the type of wedding, she will tend towards a more fluid dress, which, in turn, will ask for a lighter bouquet”.

Different types of bouquet for you to choose

Now that the concepts have become a little clearer, get to know the most common types of bouquet today:

round bouquet

The favorite model of the most classic brides is very versatile and matches almost all types of dresses and wedding styles. There are variations of the model that allow it to be more rounded or more stripped, with one type of flower or with several. So feel free to choose!

asymmetrical bouquet

The asymmetrical bouquet is the opposite of the round one: a combination of flowers and foliage arranged in a disorganized way. Large models look great on taller brides. For the shorter ones, the smaller ones are perfect. The asymmetrical bouquet is the most chosen for ceremonies held outdoors.

waterfall bouquet

A classic of the matchmaking universe, the waterfall bouquet remains current. It is composed of a mixture of flowers in natural fall, similar to a bunch of grapes. Because it is rich in details and attracts a lot of attention, it is widely used by taller brides and at night weddings.

arm bouquet

The arm bouquet is made with long-stemmed flowers so that it rests on the bride’s forearm. Hence the name “arm”. It suits modern and stylish brides and is especially suitable for daytime ceremonies.

With these tips, you can get closer to the bouquet of your dreams, right? So stick around because there’s so much more!

DIY: 3 bridal bouquets for you to make at home

We know how expensive a wedding is. If money is tight with so many expenses, you can save money by making your bridal bouquet at home. Remember that bouquets with natural flowers can be assembled no more than a day before the wedding and must be kept refrigerated. Check out the three videos we’ve selected with different levels of difficulty.

1. Simple bouquet

In this tutorial you will see how to assemble a simple and very beautiful bouquet with just a bunch of natural lilies and a bunch of gypsum. The video is less than 4 minutes long and the difficulty level is low. If you already have a bouquet for the wedding, make one of these to use in your outdoor photos.

2. Colorful bouquet

This tutorial teaches you step by step how to make a bouquet mixing flowers and colors in a harmonious way. As the video is in English, you can activate the subtitles in Portuguese or just pay attention to the movements, which are very detailed. The result is impressive!

3. Bouquet of pearls

For those who don’t want to get married with a bouquet of flowers, this super complete step-by-step guide teaches you how to make a beautiful bouquet of pearls, which can be customized according to your taste. Because it involves gemstones, the degree of difficulty is high, but if you’re a little skilled with manual work, you’ll get away with it.

More pictures of bouquets to inspire yours

Now that you know everything about bouquets, here are some more beautiful models for you to be inspired by:

So, did you manage to find the bouquet of your dreams or at least get closer to it? Stay tuned on the website and social networks to see more tips and inspirations and stay on top of everything that happens in the matchmaking universe!

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