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Bracelet tattoo: 55 photos to inspire you to mark your skin

Looking for a good design option to mark your skin? The bracelet tattoo can be a great idea. Whether with flowers, leaves, words or geometric shapes, this tattoo yields incredible results. Below, we’ve made a selection of photos for you to be inspired by and make your own. Check out!

1. The bracelet tattoo is perfect to adorn your arm

2. And, as the name implies, it reinterprets the much-loved accessory

3. The design goes from side to side on the arm

4. Masterfully imitating the famous bracelet

5. But of course, with lots of art and beautiful features!

6. This tattoo can be discreet

7. Made with fine, delicate strokes

8. And with some colorful details

9. But you can also gain more prominence with firmer strokes

10. And shading

11. Flowers are the most common elements in the bracelet tattoo

12. Enabling numerous compositions both black

13. How colorful

14. But flowers aren’t the only options

15. Look how beautiful this drawing imitating cross stitch is!

16. You can combine the bracelet tattoo with all other designs of your skin

17. Just be creative and don’t be afraid to be bold!

18. These roses are true works of art!

19. If you want to show all your power, how about a snake?

20. For those who love delicacy, there are plenty of options

21. Even the colored ones are sweet and charming

22. You can combine flowers and other elements

23. Only foliage

24. Or even represent your faith

25. You can also honor your family

26. Or just reproduce a design you like

27. Using geometric shapes

28. Elements of great importance in your life

29. Or even get a couple bracelet tattoo

30. Just let your imagination run wild

31. And talk to a trusted professional about your ideas

32. So that everything turns out the way you want

33. Some drawings can have deep meanings

34. And others can be light and fun

35. The bracelet tattoo can be simple

36. Or full of details and shadows

37. It can be colorful and full of life

38. Or just with black strokes

39. She’s also perfect to do with a special someone

40. Or for a special person

41. It doesn’t matter what your style is

42. The bracelet tattoo is a great option to mark the skin

43. Because it is possible to create large and eye-catching designs

44. But also delicate and gentle

45. Look at those beautiful features!

46. ​​This one is for those who love taking care of plants and making art

47. Talk to a tattoo artist you trust

48. Tell all your ideas

49. Show the pictures of the drawings that inspired you

50. And together, think of something unique to you

51. Something that can explore your style

52. And may it be perfect for you!

53. After that, just choose the part of the arm you want to tattoo

54. Make an appointment

55. And get your bracelet tattoo!

As you can see, flowers are very present elements in the bracelet tattoo. How about getting even more inspired to choose your design? We have made a selection of sunflower tattoo pictures that will help you with that. Check out!

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