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Bottom of the Sky in Pisces – See how to bring harmony to your home

discovered that you have the Sky Background in Pisces and did not understand anything what it means? The Sky Background reveals your relationship with your family, your upbringing and what the home you will build will be like. Pisces, on the other hand, is a spiritualized, sentimental and fanciful sign.

In this article, we will explain what Bottom of the Sky means in the Birth Chart and how having Bottom of the Sky in Pisces can affect your life.

What does background of the sky mean in the Astral Map?

The Sky Background represents your deepest self, built from your upbringing, origin and heredity. It reveals important information about your parents, your childhood home and the one you will form.

Points out positive and negative points of his relationship with his parents, especially with his mother.

The Bottom of the Sky is located on the cusp (beginning) of the 4th house. The characteristics of the sign that is in this position speak about your personality when you are at home, with your most intimate people.

From this information, you will be able to improve the relationship with your family and have a more harmonious relationship in your home.

You can also work on your negative characteristics so you don’t take them to the home you are building, whether with a partner, with your children or even living alone.

Sky Background in Pisces

Those who have the Sky Background in Pisces tend to absorb a lot of energy from the environment in which they live. Therefore, when you leave home to live alone or with friends, you need to select your roommates very well.

Probably your childhood memories are of you playing in a garden, being loved by your family, on your father’s or mother’s lap, listening to your grandfather’s stories. That is, you were raised in an environment full of understanding and love.

This placement also indicates that in your childhood it may have happened that you needed to play quietly, without making too much noise because you had a sick relative at home.

A risk of this placement is that you find it difficult to face the problems of adult life and want to go back to the past, to childhood, when your life was simpler and happier.

The Pisces Bottom of the Sky native also needs to try to build a more individual identity so as not to find herself trapped in the security of the family structure, losing her freedom.

It may also be that you see your family and childhood through rose-colored glasses, without being able to see it for what it really is, with its flaws and virtues.

Seek to cultivate your spirituality, your most romantic and sensitive side. Thus, you will be able to free yourself and feel safe living your freedom.

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