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Black power hair: care tips and amazing photos to get inspired

More than just a trend, black power hair carries a symbology of acceptance and an incredible and powerful historical representation! For empowered women who assume their curves from head to toe, having tips on how to take care of the health and beauty of the wires is super important.

Plus, with a variety of killer styles, choosing the one that makes you the most radiant and happy can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve prepared a special content filled with practical tips and photos of beautiful cuts and colors to get inspired, check it out!

What is black power hair

Black power hair is characterized by the freedom of curls and curls in its most varied structures. In general, the style values ​​and enhances the volume of the strands, which may or may not be defined, depending on each person’s taste and the curvature of the hair.

Despite being used for a long time, the milestone in the history of this type of hair began in the 20s, through Marcus Garvey. He, who pioneered black activism in Jamaica, reinforced the break with the standards of the time, where the European style was dominant.

By the 1960s, black power and other characteristics of the Afro style became popular in the United States, helping and reinforcing the struggle for civil rights. However, without a doubt, the greatest representation of empowerment was through women at that time.

They, who were forced to straighten their hair since the time of slavery, took on their curves and volumes in the streets. In this way, black power became a symbol of resistance, acceptance and power!

How to care for black power hair

Anyone who thinks that taking on natural wires does not require special care is wrong. On the contrary, the structure and curvature of curly and frizzy hair increases the need for hydration and nutrition in relation to other types.

In addition, features such as the cut can influence issues such as volume and definition. Check out some amazing tips to take good care of your black full of power:

  • Washing: Curly and curly tend to dry out easier, especially in the area of ​​the ends. Therefore, the ideal is to intersperse the use of shampoo with the co-wash technique.
  • Cut: Black power hair has the famous shrinkage factor, where the appearance gets bigger with wet strands and smaller when dry. Therefore, the ideal is to make the cuts with dry hair, having a better view of the final result.
  • Products: The ideal products for curly and frizzy hair are those with natural oils in the composition. In addition, the use of conditioner to seal the cuticles and finishers to enhance curvatures and volume are also always welcome.
  • Treatments: To maintain the health of the hair, the ideal is to do at least one hydration per week. In addition, for nutrition, a great tip is to do weekly wettings at night or even during the day, always with vegetable oils.
  • Finishing: Finishing is one of the most important steps towards the final look. After all, at this stage you will be able to leave your hair with the volume and definition you prefer. Therefore, it is worth investing in the use of specific creams or gelatins.

These are valuable tips to keep your hair beautiful from the inside out. However, if you use different techniques or follow a hair schedule, feel free to adapt them to your care as you prefer!

20 stunning black power hair photos for every taste

Want to change the look, but are in doubt about the cut, color or style? So, check out some inspiring photos of wonderful women and their black powers right now!

1. The short black is modern and beautiful, ideal for those who love practicality!

2. The lights give a special charm and light to the wires

3. Front braids work as beautiful and charming natural headbands

4. The rounded cut is ideal for those who want incredible volume

5. After all, the volume highlights accessories and gives an up to the striking look

6. The cut ends give lightness to black power hair

7. For those who went through the big chop or like practicality, the shorts are always a knockout

8. The healthy thread makes it even easier to model and add volume

9. The colors give joy and modernity to black power hair

10. For those who prefer volume over definition, unraveling with a fork comb can be a great option

11. This powerful production is enough to rock any party

12. The practicality and charm of the short black power

13. Colors are also a trend for women full of attitude

14. Reinforcing the casual and fashion style in any season

15. Hairstyles further highlight the glamor of black power hair

16. A style that represents strength, without losing charm and elegance

17. The rounded cut with bangs is a trend in this style

18. Light colors brighten the skin and draw attention to the strands

19. Warm colors, such as red, are also excellent options

20. To assume black power hair is to assume all the history and representation behind it

To choose the ideal style for your black power, you need to consider the curvature of your wire. So, analyze the types of curls or curls that are most similar to yours! That way, you guarantee that the end result will be what you want. In addition, respecting your wires will make daily care much easier to keep them always beautiful!

More black power hair tips

Tips and inspirational photos are always helpful. However, there is nothing better than seeing and hearing in practice the opinion of those who understand the subject. Therefore, we have separated some amazing videos that will help you offer all the care your hair needs. Check out:

How to wash and detangle black power hair

In this video you can check out care tips and tricks to wash and detangle your hair. That way, you guarantee that your hair will always be beautiful and healthy on any occasion.

Finishing for black power hair

If you prefer your hair to be more defined and controlled, styling tips will be your best friend. In addition, finishing your hair well making your black stay tidy for longer also makes the day after easier!

How to make volume in black power hair

Are you team volume? So, get ready to make your wires powerful, voluminous and beautiful, through tips and special techniques for your wires.

We hope these tips are helpful in making your relationship with your hair much better. For this, just put care into practice and you can rock wherever you go with freedom and attitude!

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