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Black and white dress: the right choice for any occasion

The black and white dress is the perfect choice for those looking for a sober option that matches everything. Because it’s two neutral colors, there’s no doubt about it, right?

But sobriety is not synonymous with simplicity, and this can be proven in this inspiring list of looks composed by this versatile and timeless piece, full of style, elegance and a lot of creativity. Check out:

Short black and white dress

You know those hot days that require a cooler look? Or that special event where you’re willing to splurge on femininity with your legs out? Because it’s moments like this that the short black and white dress can and should be remembered! Whether with flats or boots, the piece will perfectly meet your style and expectations, without the slightest headache. Check out the following suggestions:

1. The tight dress was incredibly elegant with the baggy coat

2. This long-sleeved proposal gained modernity with the pointed toe boot

3. Who doesn’t like a very loose dress for the summer?

4. This piece is the face of romanticism with lace and ruffles

5. Impossible to resist a polka dot dress

6. With a denim jacket, the look was totally comfy

7. The pinstripe is that classic chic that everyone likes

8. Creative prints make the composition even more fun

9. This asymmetrical cut is totally sophisticated

Long black and white dress

If there’s one thing a long black and white dress can do, it’s make a woman look even more elegant! Whether for a big social party or for a trip to the mall, the varied models can positively surprise you:

10. The detail of a shoulder only gave the one valued on the lap

11. Note this side slit. Isn’t it amazing?

12. The golden pieces gave a refined look to the composition, don’t you think?

13. The white color was present in the small (and charming) details

14. With white and black, any color combination is welcome

15. By the way, knitted dresses fulfill this role well

16. Every detail of this dress enhanced the natural curves of the body

17. And if you want to create this feeling with a wider dress, just mark the waist

18. The white ruffles contrasting with the black

Black and white tube dress

The classic cut of the tube dress will always be a trend, so if you invest in a piece of this model, you will have something to wear for many seasons. And if it’s black and white then even better! See how many possibilities this article will offer you:

19. The chest detail made all the difference

20. A passionate look with red sandals

21. With a leather jacket, the look gained a modern weight

22. If the idea is to include a little color with subtlety, choose a highlight lipstick

23. The model close to the body goes well with a nice heel

24. While the wider ones do well even in a social environment

25. How about a green sandal to give that spectacular finishing touch?

Striped black and white dress

Regardless of whether the stripes are vertical, horizontal, diagonal or each a different size, the black and white striped dress is the most traditional of the black and white style. And you can introduce it to any type of event: just choose the right cut and go out there with a bang:

26. The A-line skirt is a femininity classic

27. A blouse tied at the waist for the urban look

28. In this inspiration, all accessories have the same tone

29. This little model is the face of the 1990s

30. While the vertical stripes elongate the silhouette

31. Is this model or isn’t it the pinnacle of elegance?

32. The lace choker added a hint of romance to the look

33. The midi model with sneakers is pretty casual, don’t you think?

34. With the ruffles, the stripes of this piece are asymmetrical

Black and white flared dress

The round dress is another feminine option to include in your collection. It has that romantic air and, depending on the model, perfectly suits the lady like style. Get inspired by the following options to create a composition within your profile:

35. Short, basic and stylish

36. Try not to fall in love with this sneaker and fail miserably

37. Just spy the charm of all the combinations of this look

38. The strapless is a very youthful piece

39. And the bell bar turned into a national passion

40. The pied de poule has this European face

41. The over the knee boot will always give a different face to your composition

42. That delicious and comfortable mesh to match with sneakers

43. And that becomes a perfect match for the summer

44. The cutout of the coat followed the volume of the dress accurately

plus size black and white dress

If you are one of those people who follows trendy “rules” and doesn’t include prints in your outfit, stop right now! In this selection, you will see that there are no precepts to get on the black and white wave, whether with stripes, designs or whatever to make you feel even more beautiful:

45. Impossible to resist the wedding of the dress with pantyhose and booties

46. ​​Don’t forget to handpick your favorite accessories

47. The lady like is a vintage fashion phenomenon

48. And has that amazing face from the golden years

49. Want comfort? Invest in a knit dress

50. Very fresh to face the summer

51. That little retro dress every woman dreams of

52. The casual midi dress with sneakers is current (and sensational)

53. But with heels, the look is also stunning

Tell the truth: isn’t the black and white dress irresistible?

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