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BBB 22: Internet users point to Nazi symbols in the company of Jade Picon’s father

Once again, sister Jade Picon, from BBB 22, is involved in a controversy. Netizens pointed out a fact external to the house, but which had great relevance on social networks on Friday (18): the logo of the company Pantanal Mármores of Carlos Picon, Jade’s father, is supposedly composed of two Nazi symbols. Please note the following:

jade picon’s father’s marble company logo is pretty weird right pic.twitter.com/C0rKcadmd2

— pedro santana (@heypdro) February 17, 2022

Twitter users identified both a swastika and an “88”, two symbols that refer to Nazism. As for the number, it is a reference to the eighth letter of the alphabet used to salute the dictator Hitler.

Jade’s fan club profiles denied the existence of Nazi symbols, but Pedro Santana’s account was suspended for a few hours after raising the similarities on Twitter. Upon returning, the user explained the network’s justification, he “violated the rules against violent images”.

Carlos Picon has not commented on the controversies involving his company so far, just as Jade’s team has not commented.

See more tweets about this controversy on Twitter:

Bug, not just a Swastika clearly

But is it WITHIN AN 88????? https://t.co/tV39uAr5HA

— Jackerson Tuiter (@FatherIsOnline) February 18, 2022

Well, it’s kind of like a “design law” that you shouldn’t do anything that can refer to Nazism and its symbols…
It may not even have been intentional (I won’t say what I think so I won’t be sued), but it could have been avoided.

— Bellicoᶠᵉⁿᵒᵐᵉⁿᵃˡ🦊 (@EricBellico) February 18, 2022

dude has no doubt jade’s father put an 88 in addition to the swastika
two nazi symbols at once https://t.co/HQfQ7FwI7l

— ︎ ︎ (@sicezt) February 18, 2022

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