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Bath moisturizers: how and why to use them?

A practical way to hydrate the skin. In general, this is how the most varied brands define bath moisturizers, a novelty in the beauty market, which has increasingly attracted the attention of women.

Tatiana Jerez, dermatologist and member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology, explains that bath moisturizers are creams or lotions formulated with a greater amount of oil, so that they are used on wet skin, when the pores are more open, facilitating their absorption. and allowing immediate effect.

But are they really effective? Can they replace the use of a common moisturizer? Are they suitable for all skin types? Questions like these are frequent and have made many women think twice before purchasing a bath moisturizer.

Dermatologist Tatiana highlights that bath moisturizers are products capable of increasing hydration, especially if the recommendation not to rub the skin too much with a towel after use is respected. “They can be effective for people with normal or slightly dry skin. People with very dry skin or with diseases that lead to significant skin dehydration (such as atopic dermatitis or psoriasis) should prefer conventional moisturizers,” she explains.

There are several brands that have bet on this type of product. But, regardless of which one you choose, the way to use it is the same: use it while showering, after washing your skin with your favorite soap; then rinse.

Tatiana Jerez adds that the product can be used daily and is a great alternative for the most “lazy” people, as it is quick to apply. “It’s also a good option for the summer, as the product avoids that feeling of sticky skin after using a regular moisturizer”, says the dermatologist.

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Some people even argue that the moisturizer for the bath is very suitable for winter. After all, on the coldest days of the year, it’s not easy to get out of the shower and have to apply a conventional moisturizer all over your body before getting dressed!

“I’ve been betting on moisturizers for the bath, as I find them super practical. It’s great to get out of the shower smelling great and with hydrated skin, ready to put on your pajamas or clothes”, says Bruna Viana, 21 years old, student.

Júlia Diniz, 26, a secretary, says that she had not yet researched anything about bath moisturizers, but, on her birthday, she got it as a gift from a friend. “I got one from Natura and soon I started using it. I really liked the smell and the hydration it offers to the skin. As soon as I run out of my product, I will buy from other brands to try,” she says.

What bloggers think of bath moisturizers

Many bloggers have done their reviews about the different moisturizers for the bath. And opinions, of course, are varied.

Carol Heinrichs, from Toque de Neon, for example, bought the Milk bath moisturizer from Nívea and approved the result. “For me it was fantastic! Super practical for those who don’t like to waste time with moisturizers. Also, I’m too lazy to wait for it to dry, etc. I bought it for R$19.90, but I think that price is for the airport. In supermarket it must be cheaper,” she declared on her blog.

Blogger Lalá Noleto also tested the Nívea product. “I started using it and loved the result. In addition to being super practical, it leaves the skin really hydrated. Pam and fart, you’ve got your whole body hydrated. Not to mention that Nívea products always have a nice price. Worth a try,” she wrote on the blog.

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Lia Camargo, from Just Lia, bet on Monange’s bath moisturizer. “It’s very practical, the components are better absorbed underneath with wet skin. And it hydrates fast, you don’t have to wait and when you go out and dry you already notice the difference in the touch of the skin. The scent is ‘Flor de Vanilha’ (…) I think it’s perfect for the summer season, where we don’t always feel like ‘smearing’ our skin. For those who live in a warmer place, then?! Perfect as it absorbs even underwater,” she wrote.

Priscila Paes, from Passando Blush, tested the Lotion Express bath moisturizer, also from Nívea, for normal skin, and declared that she loved the result. “This version has the traditional smell of Nivea products, which I find delicious. It is very consistent and does not disappear when you spread it on the body, you can massage it well and feel it on the skin. What I liked the most is the feeling of hydration it leaves, it looks like you used a normal body moisturizer, because the skin is extremely soft. I didn’t feel it melt throughout the day, you can use it in the heat without any problems. Without a doubt, one of the best bath moisturizers I’ve ever used. I was a fan of Natura moisturizers, but this one from Nívea won my heart,” she wrote on the blog.

5 good moisturizers for bath time

Check out in the gallery below the aforementioned bath moisturizers and other options that you can easily find in pharmacies, cosmetics stores, markets or online stores:

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If you love the feeling of coming out of the shower “ready”, with clean and hydrated skin, you can’t miss trying a bath moisturizer! Choose your favorite brand or, if necessary, test the most varied products to define the one that best suits your needs! If you have dry or oily skin, preferably consult a dermatologist before using the product.

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