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Basic guide to understanding everything about astrology

There are many people who disdain it, but for those who believe it, astrology is a serious thing, yes, and it is a great ally in the difficult art of self-knowledge. And questions like “What does the Ascendant mean?” or “Does astral hell really exist?” appear in the head of those who like the subject, but do not know it deeply. To unravel them, we talked to Astrology experts Vanessa Tuleski, Giane Portal and Marcia Fervienza, all from Personare. Come see what we discovered!

What is a sun sign?

Surely at some point in your life you have heard the question “What is your sign?”. It refers to the so-called solar sign, which is the position of the Sun at the time of your birth. “It is related to our center of consciousness, our personal brilliance and the characteristics of our creative energy”, explains Giane. Basically, sun sign is our essence, who we are.

What is Ascendant?

If the Sun sign is your essence, the Ascendant is like your social mask. “It indicates how we started things, how we relate more superficially with our surroundings and how we adapt to our environment”, says Marcia. It can also reveal your motivations in life and define your physical traits.

Will I turn my Ascendant after 30?

No, you will not flip your ascendant. Point. Even for reasons that no one changes their personality from one hour to another, it’s something gradual. If you were born under the sun sign of Leo you will be a Leo for the rest of your life. What happens, in fact, is that at this stage (hello, mid-30s crisis!) you already know better who you are and, therefore, begin, in a way, to display more of the qualities of the other signs present in your birth chart. “The Ascendant marks your motivations, while the Sun has to do with your talents. Example, Sun in Taurus and Ascendant in Pisces: strong connection with the material plane (Sun in Taurus), but also intuitive (Ascendant in Pisces). He presents himself as flexible (Ascendant, which has to do with appearance and personal brand, in Pisces), but he is more stubborn (Sun, essence, in Taurus) than he would seem at first”, explains Vanessa.

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What is the Moon?

It represents your emotional side, how and how you react in everyday situations. It also indicates how you donate and what you expect from your relationships. If the Sun sign represents your main qualities and the Ascendant is a kind of mask that indicates the way the world sees you, the Moon is the force that governs your life. Being, for example, a “warm” person who doesn’t take shit home, most likely means having the Moon in Aries. In the same way, being a person who rationalizes feelings too much and is extremely self-critical are signs of someone with Moon in Virgo.

What is Venus?

Next time you ask the person you are dating what their sign is, consider asking them what their Venus is instead. Weird? Not really. Because Venus is the personal planet that relates to love, the way people love. “This positioning is related to affection, erotic love, the ability and form of attraction and seduction, and also how we express our desire to love”, comments Giane. For example, you may have a Taurus sun sign, but because you have a Pisces Venus, you can approach love with the passionate eyes of a Piscean, who has a tendency to give to the extreme.

What is astral map?

It’s like a photograph of the sky from the moment you were born. Giane explains: “It shows all the seeds and potentialities of life, our expression and personality characteristics, limitations and talents”.

What do I need to make an astral map?

Oh, that’s easy! You’ll need to know your full name (duh!), date, time and city of birth. You can go directly to an astrologer or do it online. Sites like Personare and Horoscope-Astral provide this service.

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I don’t know my birth time, can I make an astral map?

Yes, but only partially. It will not be possible, for example, to determine the rising sign. According to Giane, what is recommended in these cases is to look for astrologers who have mastered a technique called time rectification.

Does astral hell really exist?

It’s a bag, right? Because a month before your birthday it’s potatoes: strange things seem to happen… And, no, it’s not by chance. “It is the end of a cycle. It’s a period of reflection and balance and it can be ‘hell’ or not depending on the person’s attitude”, comments Vanessa. Do you know when you start cleaning the house and throwing away everything that is no longer useful? That’s more or less what happens at this time of year. It’s time to rethink your life journey and, yes, you do get more emotional. The good news? Will pass.

What is love synastry?

Are you in love and want to know if the relationship has a chance of succeeding? Well, you won’t find out with 100% certainty, but love synastry gives you a good idea of ​​what this relationship has in store for your life. “It indicates the way two people interact according to the contacts made between the planets in their natal charts”, says Marcia. A good analysis should show the favorable aspects and, mainly, the not so pleasant aspects of this possible union.

What is astrology?

According to Vanessa, it is the study of how Heaven can be reflected in our personal life, in our moment and in our future. It helps us understand what is happening and identify our potential so that we can deal with the different situations that life presents us with more security.

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In the northern hemisphere do the signs change?

No, the signs never change, what changes are the seasons.

Why do people of the same sign or even twins have different personalities?

First of all: no one is like anyone else. Second, we are a set of information shown in our birth chart. “And it only contains our potentials, but each person uses these potentials in different ways”, says Vanessa. It’s as if you, when you were born, could be exactly like a child born at the same time in the hospital room next door, for example, but because of individual experiences, each one’s baggage, you became completely different people.

Do the phases of the moon influence my haircut?

Both Marcia and Giane claim that, since the phases of the Moon influence the tide, the harvest and our body, they can indeed decree beautiful hair or a bad hair day. But Vanessa cautions: “I haven’t had any long-term experience with this. So test it out to see if it works for you.”

Can I trust the daily horoscope? Does it mean that the things he says will come to pass?

Calm. The daily horoscope, as well as the annual horoscope, indicates trends and possibilities. Don’t read it as if it were an oracle owner of the truth, read it as a reference. You know that thing called free will? So astrology believes that you have the power to change anything written in a prediction. “The information should be used as a guide for the moment and not as a deterministic text”, comments Giane. And always good to remember: start reading your Ascendant horoscope too. It makes a difference because it shows a more complete picture. Are we understood?!

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